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Buddhinath Misra

Buddhinath Misra

Buddhinath Misra

 What are prime skills required in structuring poetry?

Talent, experience and study are the three main ingredients of creative writing. In the right amount, they can do wonders.

Sanskrit is a powerful language. Why are Indians so neglectful towards the language?

I think we still have not come out of the colonial state of mind. Whereas in other countries the usefulness of Sanskrit language is being considered and utilized we tend towards ignoring it. Internationally, Sanskrit is being developed as the language of Supercomputers. Students, abroad are learning this language but in India, we have closed our eyes and ignored the facts. It’s a symbol of our colonial past.

What can we do as a nation to improve this situation?

Efforts should be made by the higher echelons in the education system – determined effort by the government can really change the scenario. The sad state of our education system can be ameliorated.  Education has become a goal of collecting degrees. Until and unless we recognize the importance of educating in mother tongues, our students won’t be able to contribute towards any fundamental inventions. To give an example, you must look into the feat Hebrew has achieved internationally. When the state of Israel was created, Hebrew was pulled out of the coffin and now it has become the language of many inventions around the world. We became Independent one year earlier and are still debating about Hindi being our national language or not. The glossary of words in Sanskrit, I don’t feel, when compared to other languages can even compete- the collective vocabulary of whopping twenty five crore words. We complain that we don’t use it since there was no developed vocabulary  If you don’t visit the shore how will you find water?

How important it is for a child to speak his/her mother tongue?

It is extremely important. And I am saying this with deep sincerity that this process of pushing kids to speak English or converse in it is really harmful. Kids are motivated or pushed towards bluntness. They are not able to think fundamentally. There is no development of mind in these situations we are putting our kids through. It is discouraging original thinking. When I travel internationally I experience these things, children there study in their mother tongues and their way of communication or thinking is totally different. I feel that the guardians that continue to push children towards speaking English are themselves shoving them into the pool of absurdity. English medium schools are the main contributors, they don’t work towards educating students in technical knowledge. It is fine that if in higher classes students learn the language to converse in it. But the language is being imposed on students as young as first grade. It plays with their young minds since at home a different language is being used. It will gravely cost the nation since we will not produce a meritorious younger generation.

There is the combination of Hindi and English called Hinglish whicg is being widely used by youngsters nowadays. Your comments.

I don’t say there is any problem in everyday usage in speaking. But when the student decides to study a subject he/she will have to learn the technicalities of the concerned language. Moreover, I would strongly condemn the usage of Hinglish by aHindi newspapers. The reader of the newspaper should be able to read the language in proper Hindi.

Should social media be blamed for this development?

Social media has now achieved a decisive stage. It is important now to sincerely evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this platform and its effect on our daily life. Through social media many incidents achieve an undue importance that spreads among millions in minutes. Later we come to know the incident is fake or didn’t even occur. This sometimes becomes a very dangerous cause of disruption. Then based on this, the consequences and responses that outpour, is detrimental to the nation. I think some restraints are being applied but they are not satisfactory. Social media and broadcast media should be regulated more stringently.


About the Interviewee:

Buddhinath Mishra belongs to a family of Sanskrit litterateurs. He has completed his higher education from DAV College, Varanasi, and Banaras Hindu University. He harbours a deep interest in reading classics and realistic stories and began to write some of his own from his college days. He has been writing for the most prestigious websites and has also worked as a columnist for some newspapers. Many of his works have been telecasted in channels like Aakashvani and Doordarshan.