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Bhumesh Bharti

Bhumesh Bharti

Bhumesh Bharti

You have worked excessively in Dehradun and Mussoorie . So how do you think excessive tourism affects or has affected the naural landscape of Dehradun and Mussoorie in particular.

That is a very serious issue nowadays and I can’t pull out any positive points from it. If we see from the perspective of the Tourism Industry we have invited a lot of people through the state sponsored tourism marketing. If we talk about Mussoorie, there are a large number of tourists coming in different seasons from different parts of the world. People come to see snowfalls among other things. But the point is, they come in huge crowds and forget all about the ethics of cleanliness and sanitation, just because they are tourists. They don’t hesitate to ruin the beauty of the place they have come to admire. Also, not only the tourists coming from other states, we the local people are also somewhat responsible in this. In the long run, it is also going to adversly affect the Tourism industry as which tourist would wish to return to see the once beautiful but now ruined spot? Both are the culprits, we cannot blame just the tourists.

Also since the tourism flow is excessive, we are haphazardly constructing hotels and shops to cater to the needs of the incoming visitors. These unplanned constructions put a lot of stress on the environment. Although MDDA has put some restrictions, people themselves should also voluntary take up responsibility to march towards the goal of sustainable development. I would also like to mention Nainital where the situation is slightly better compared to Mussoorie. Rules and regulations are tight enough for both the tourists and investors. Here we have to work towards it so that the photogenic beauty of the place remains and we keep welcoming tourists.

Colored Leaf Photography is a very novel idea. What is the vision behind it?

I attended photo walks in Bangalore and Delhi so as to encourage photography among youngsters. There the students started a group called Colored Leaf Photography Group in 2012.The first photo walk attracted around 25 photographers. Now we are about 300 people who are photography enthusiasts but from different fields. We have done around 5 photo exhibitions and regularly take workshops and photography tours for new comers and other photographers.

Also, last year we started a group called Dehradun Photography Club, a place for the eminent photographers of Dehradun to come together . The motive is the same – to spread the knowledge of photography as a subject. We conducted seven to eight photo walks around the city and then turned it into a banner of a club. We hope to capture the spirit of Dehradun through photography.

Give us a little preview of your exhibition at Valley of Words 2018.

We also had an exhibition at the first edition of Valley of Words. So this year’s exhibition is in continuity to the previous one. This year we are putting up a different aspect of Himalayan photography. We collaborated with the destination photographers of the Himalayas. So people will be able to see the different perspectives of the magnificent Himalayas.

When we talk about Himalayan photography everyone thinks of the peaks; but adding to that beauty we will also exhibit the diversity and natural vegetation of the Himalayas. So that people who haven’t visited the place till now, are tempted by its allure and would want to come back to explore more of what Uttrakhand has to offer.

Your experience of recent workshop at Graphic Era university?

Yes, it was a really good experience! Avinash Joshi sir was also present and it was great to work with him. The students were also very enthusiastic and they also got to know many different aspects of photography and techniques through the workshop.


About the Interviewee:

Bhumesh Bharti is a photographer pursuing photography from school days. Later on, while working as a journalist with a few local news papers, he did his photography for his own articles. That slowly changed his mind and he turned professional. After his graduation he got a chance to work for National Literacy Mission with Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samithi at Delhi head office. During this job he got an opportunity to travel to the villages and that developed his interest in Social life photography. The Times of Doon has published his works since its first issue (when its name was Doon Plus). Thousands of his photographs have been published in this reputed newspaper for over 20 years. He established the Colored Leaf Photography Group to encourage photography among youngsters and students in 2012. Now the group is 1000 people strong who are photography enthusiasts but from different fields. He is currently working on a forthcoming book by Ruskin Bond.