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Ayan Gogoi Gohain

Ayan Gogoi Gohain

Ayan Gogoi Gohain

What do you paint about?

Everything around us. Umm.. The sky, Sun, Moon, Stars. Birds, animals, plants. Water in the sea. Water coming down as rain from the sky. Tears from your eyes. And people. Happy face, sad face, angry face. Colours. Sounds like laughter and cries. Thunder, waves, snowflakes.
I paint what I see. I record what I feel.

Who are your favourite teachers?

My first teacher Madam Phoolmoni Hatibaruah taught me ABCD… Sister Sophy Varghese and sister Ainaleen taught me to be a good boy. Then my Koka (Grand father) Purna Kanta Gogoi and Ennai (Granny) Janoki Gogoi, taught me how to talk to anyone without language. Just by touching. If you touch a ‘touch me not’ plant it will feel shy. If you kiss a bud it will bloom. Sometimes, without touching. The bird weeping inside a cage and saying, “Help me.”

What languages do you speak at home?

Papa and Ma speak in Assamese at home. In school everyone talks in English. In Mizoram everyone speaks in Mizo. I love the cartoon Doremon. It is in Hindi. I get confused. Sometimes I want to say something. But I end up saying something else. Sometimes nothing. Because I fear my grammar will be wrong.

Why do you like writing and painting?

If my books can inspire anyone to plant a tree and free a caged bird and save an animal, I will feel my work is done. I am using all the money from my book to plant trees. Lots of trees. Around the world. People are supporting. I thank God.

Who are your best friends?

Haha.. I don’t know!
You mean my class mates? I do not talk much. To anybody. Some are happy for me. Some make fun of me and say, “Your parents wrote it all for you.” It hurts. They do not know Papa and Ma are always busy. All friends are good. Just different. I love them all.

Do you like school?

I study at school. It is okay if I do not get 1st rank. My parents do not scold me. Then I just play and play with Koka and Ennai. In their garden I get dirty in the mud. Chase butterflies and glow worms. Count stars. They have planted hundreds of fruit trees. For squirrels, birds and monkeys. I paint there. My teacher never burdens me with homework. My headmistress allows me to travel with Papa and Ma. This world is so beautiful. I find new stories everywhere I go.

About the Interviewee:

Ayan Gogoi Gohain is a four year old painter and author from North Lakhimpur, Assam.

Quick-witted, self-effacing and sensitive, Ayan started painting at the age of one and began composing stories at the age of three. At four, he could clearly express himself in Assamese, Hindi and English.

'India Book of Records' has officially declared him as the 'Youngest Author in India' for his book ' Honeycomb (A collection of 30 insightful anecdotes with 30 of his paintings), published by Authorspress publications, New Delhi.

His creativity has captivated the hearts of both young and old; generating acclamation from many literary experts throughout the world.