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Avinash Chandra Joshi

Avinash Chandra Joshi

Avinash Chandra Joshi

How do you get the person or thing in front of the camera captured exactly the way you want?

Photographs are not clicked but made in the mind. Especially nature photography, which calls for a lot of patience. Once I clicked a picture of the India Gate, for which I had to wait for three long months until one fine day when the sky was blue. Owing to the pollution, in a city like Delhi you cannot get a blue sky every day. You have to, instead, wait for the right day for it to suit your expectation. Whereas it is much easier in an indoor shoot as the lighting and the props are under control.

Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

My attempt is to get things to look better than what they originally are. Only then will it draw much of the onlookers attention. Plenty of picturesque places are not known to the public and it is my privilege to be able to showcase the not much explored beauty of the magnanimous Himalayas.

How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time for a living?

Oh, I do not earn my living from photography. Photography is love, a hobby and my passion. I am otherwise a Human Resource Professional. And I am currently working as the Director (HR) with UJVN Ltd. My earlier stints were with Central Power PSUs viz. NTPC, SJVNL and THDCI Ltd.. During the course of my service I received a lot of opportunities of travelling across the country, specifically the Himalayas, which further enabled me to pursue my passion for photography.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically and emotionally?

Motivation comes from the photograph itself. If you embark on a shoot and everything happens the way you had planned, no matter howsoever tedious the process was, you emerge as a winner and a self fulfilled person. Nature photographers know this fact very well and are, therefore, self motivated.

What is your contribution towards the upcoming Literary Fest?

I have been assigned the task of organising a photography exhibition for the festival. An exhibition that would allow the talented photographers to present their piece of work on a large scale. One of the very well known nature photographers of Himalayas, Sh. Ashok Dilwali has also agreed to join in for the festival. This is, perhaps, going to be an amazing experience filled with umpteen talent.


About the Interviewee:

Avinash Joshi has been a photographer for over 30 years. Nature, wildlife and industrial photography have been his forte. He has travelled extensively in Himachal and has undertaken some tedious treks during his stint with the Satluj JAL Vidyut Nigam Ltd. His pictures have been used regularly by national dailies like the Times of India, the Hindustan and the Indian Express. He has also won several awards at the National level for his tremendous photography skills.