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Avinash Chandra Joshi

Avinash Chandra Joshi

Avinash Chandra Joshi

The first edition of Valley of Words was a huge success. What were your favourite moments from the festival?

The first edition of valley of words was indeed a grand success. When I was asked to take up photography theme lot of apprehensions were expressed and discussion took place and ultimately it was decided to invite the leading photographers of the country who have mastered Himalayas over the years. It was a tough job locating them, contacting them and asking them to provide their best pictures for this exhibition. We were asked to invite Shri Ashok Dilwali to inaugurate the photography exhibition. Shri Dilwali is a legendry Delhi based photographer well known for his Himalayan landscapes. It was really tough to convince him about the works being displayed during the exhibition. However, with lot of persuasion Shri Dilwali acceded and got ready to inaugurate the exhibition. Shri Akash Dash an international photographer of “Incredible India” campaign was contacted and though he could not come personally,agreed to give his best photographs for the exhibition. Other illustrious photographers who contributed their pictures were,Shri Anup Sah, Shri D.D. Mishra, Director (HR) (ONGC), Shri Threesh Kapoor,Shri Bhumesh Bharti, Shri Deepankar Aron. Swami Sundaranand “Sadhu with a lens”a very famous photographer has worked extensively in Gangotri region over last 50 years was also invited. Though it was very difficult to convince him about the exhibition and his participation. Shri S.K. Sharma, Ex-Chief General Manager, ONGC helped a lot in this matter. The entire experience of showcasing works of great photographers was quite enthralling and exhilarating.

What can we expect this year from the immensely popular and well attended GAIL Gallery in the last edition?

We received tremendous response for the first edition,in the Gail Gallery we are looking forward to enlarge the scope of photography during the second edition of VoW. We intend to take photography to a wider audience covering students from schools & colleges and wildlife photographers who are shooting extensively in Uttarakhand region. Before commencement of exhibition we intend to conduct photography workshop for students. The best photographs taken by them will be showcased during the exhibition. Of course we will be inviting leading photographers from India and abroad to participate in the exhibition.

How do you get the person or thing in front of the camera captured exactly the way you want?

Photographs are not clicked but made in mind. Especially the nature photography, which calls for a lot of patience. Once I clicked a picture of the India Gate, for which I had to wait for three long months until one fine day when the sky was blue. As owing to pollution, in a city like Delhi you cannot get a blue sky every day. You have to, instead, wait for the right day for it to suit your expectation. Whereas, it is much easier in an indoor shoot for the lighting and the props are under control.

Do you think photographers have got enough representation at various platforms across the country?

Photography is a visual medium of fine arts which is an excellent way of expression. There is an adage that “A picture is worth a thousand words” . If people wish to develop photography as a career, there are lots of opportunities available both in print as well as electronic media. With technology becoming more and more accessible with mobile in everyone’s hand today, photography has become common place. However, photography requires skill, technique, patience and passion to succeed.

How can we inspire more youngsters to take up photography as a profession?

The reach of visual medium is immediate and the results are quick and forthcoming. Since it involves technique and creativity, good photography may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Of course experience in photography leads to capturing better pictures. Youth who have creativity and passion for this form of art can take up this career. There are a lot of fields in photography such as industrial ,fashion, sports, product photography etc.Depending upon taste, flair and aptitude one can select his/her area of photography and can also opt for a career subsequently.

About the Interviewee:

Avinash Chandra Joshi's photographic journey started almost with start of his career in NTPC three decades ago. Aluminous of J.N.U. and I.I.T. Roorkee, he picked up photography doing his stint with NTPC where he got the opportunity to travel at various places across the country.

Mr. Joshi spent his early childhood in the Himalayan region of Garhwal. He was enchanted by gushing waters of springs, waterfalls, forests and majestic Himalayas.

He joined Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation in Himachal Pradesh in 1991. There he got the opportunity to extensively travel in the inner areas of Himachal Pradesh. He was mesmerized with the beauty of Himalayas and travelled extensively in Lahaul & Spiti, Kinnaur, Dharamshala districts of Himachal Pradesh. Later on he switched over to THDC in Uttarakhand. THDC provided him ample opportunities to travel across the state and this helped him to hone his skills in photography.

He has held exhibitions in Chandigarh and Shimla and his pictures have been extensively used in newspapers like Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express, Swagat of Air India. Besides, his work was extensively used in the annual reports of NJPC, MOP, THDC and Scottish Bank. He has done calendars for Himachal Pradesh Tourism, SJVNL, THDC and UJVNL. His work was extensively used by THDC, SJVN and UJVN for their internal publications.

He has done several workshops also, to share the craft of photography with learners/beginners.

He has won several awards: One was in a National level competition held by NHAI and other by Forest Department of Uttarakhand. Sh. Joshi is presently working in UJVN Ltd. (a government of Uttarakhand PSU) as Director (HR) in Dehradun.