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Arvind Parashar

Arvind Parashar

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Arvind Parashar

What made you write in the uncommon genre of thrillers?

Thriller is my all time favourite genre. Even as a reader, I love the subject. This apart, love stories find a special place in my life too. Romance thrillers reflect an overall approach towards dealing with these genres in my own way. Also, I believe there is a generation which would love to find romance as well as thrill in the novel. Yes, it is not really common and the reason why I would love to bring more for our readers.

What does Dehradun mean to you?

Dehradun is my native. Born and brought up, we actually never left the place. I still have my house and travel at least a couple of times in a year. My childhood friends await my visit every time. In fact, I finished portions of my novels in the valley. I still can’t get over Maggi points, fun time in Rajpur, and the lap of the nature in Mussoorie. I feel proud to be belonging to hills.

How did you make the transition from a corporate career to that of an author?

Former was the profession while latter happens to be the passion. It is never easy to shift from a lucrative white collar job to writing where one is bound to struggle as it is in public domain and the market dynamics are entirely different. One comfort for me was that I had realised as a child that there was a writer in me. So it was still fine for me to take the plunge.

Could you tell us about some of your favourite books?

Room on the roof, The Day of the Jackal, The Bridges of Madison county, Cockroaches, The Firm to name a few. Most of Ruskin Bond, Fredrick Foresyth, Jo Nesbo and John Grisham’s books have been read by me.

You have ardent fans in the country. How do you manage that?

I ensure that I religiously allocate some of my time to respond to the queries and messages that my followers send on a regular basis. I even guide them and help them with questions revolving around their personal life and publishing related stuff.

Do you think India has a huge space for Romance writers?

Not just romance, I believe we have a huge space for writers in India overall. So far as experiment is concerned, it is up to the writer how he or she would like to deal with the subject. So the answer is definite yes, we need more writers in India.

Any advice for upcoming writers in the Thriller genre?

Thriller should keep the reader on the edge. What it should avoid is to make the writing extremely complicated for a reader to comprehend. It therefore becomes impertinent that a thriller must not give away the plot nor should it burden the reader with overdose. Another key thing is to reflect the negative shades of characters appropriately.

About the Interviewee:

Arvind Parashar hails from a beautiful valley in Northern India, Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand. He completed his education there and moved places. His corporate stint took him to the U.S several times.

Presently, He lives with his family in Mumbai and finds it the best place on earth to live. Apart from writing, in his free time now, Arvind loves to paint oil on canvas. Most of his work has been gifted to friends and family.

He enjoys traveling, and mostly does road trips with family and friends. He served as a Director in one of the U.S based corporates prior to focussing on writing novels. In fact, he decided to quit his sixteen year long corporate career , with GE, Dell and Genpact primarily, for the passion of writing, and is now fully devoted to it. It was a huge risk, however he believed in his dream so deep that eventually the comfort of corporate did not excite him much.

He is a well known motivational speaker and the best selling author of Kabira Not Until I Die and Messed Up! But All for Love.