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Arpit Vageria

Arpit Vageria

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Arpit Vageria

You are a screenwriter besides being a novelist. What are the differences between both forms of writing?

Yes, I’ve written many television shows and award functions, Fiction, Non-Fiction both. There’s lot of difference between writing a novel and writing a television show, Though both are equally challenging at times but writing television comes with a lot of restrictions, especially on Indian television, We live in a society where a group of people get easily offended on the joke that might be enjoyed by a different group. We’re a lot of horribly sensitive people! Mind you, we get best TRP’s on news channels and family drama! We’re dramatic people who are dramatic on a daily basis at our homes. So, as a writer, you have to be dead sure of what you’re writing. Creativity upto some extent can still be sacrificed, but you can’t really go against the norms just to make people laugh. Thanks to people like Kapil Sharma and the creators who entertain people but also stay within the limit of censorship. That’s the sort of balance one needs to have when you are writing for Indian television shows. There are three stakeholders in any television show who finalize the content- the channel, the producer(s) and the writer.

Writing a novel on the other hand requires a lot of dedication. It’s like putting your heart and soul in some pages and then letting the readers decide your creativity. Here there are no such restrictions as exist in writing for the television.You and your publishers are the ultimate owners. You don’t really care about people’s sensitivities here, you just write your heart out and everyone who’s reading it would have a different interpretation of your novel than the other.

Please share with us your journey as a writer till now.

It’s been a roller coaster ride till now. I feel glad to be one of those few people in India who took up writing as a full time job, This profession not only allows you to express yourself, but also lets you hear your voice when you remove the noise of the society around you.This journey of wanting to be a writer, to be someone who has written four novels has been an extremely exciting journey. I hope it just gets interesting and better from here.

What fascinates you about the Romance genre?

99 percent of us will admit falling in love at some point or other and remaining 1 percent of people are lying, Romance is in our blood, From Laila-Majnu to Heer- Ranjha, from Shahrukh-Gauri to Virat-Anushka, we’re the people who love talking about love stories and the romance in it. We live with romance, it’s so relatable, so I thought of picking the emotion everyone relates to. Moreover, I think it’s the most honest emotion, either we fall in love or we rise in love, love actually is everywhere.

What are your favourite reads of all time?

Tell No One, The Fountain head, Not Without My Daughter.

How do the upcoming writers create a niche for themselves amongst the galaxy of already established Romance writers?

Read lots of books but use your own device to write; by device I mean to say, use your own world, your own characters to form a novel. Always try telling what’s untold, try reading between the lines to write something that’s different. DO NOT try to copy someone else’s writing style, it’s a trap! If you fall in it and start enjoying, you might never really be able to come out of it. People love reading relatable content. If you’re convinced about your work, I am sure people would definitely enjoy reading the story that you have to offer.

What are your favourite feedbacks from readers for ‘Be My Perfect Ending’?

The fact that they take out time to write their feelings to me in a form of review or any casual message makes all of them my favorite feedbacks. Though my favourite is the review wherein a girl wrote me a three paged letter appreciating the storyline.

How do you deal with literary critcism?

To be frank, I really enjoy it as long as they’re logical, it allows you to learn more, go that extra mile, it inspires you to keep going in this literary marathon,it keeps my (fat) ego / superiority complex away and it’s a protein we all need in our daily lives. You can’t pick and choose, if you accept positive reviews positively, you should also accept negative reviews positively.

About the Interviewee:

Arpit Vageria writes scripts for Indian television for a living, and writes romance stories for the love of it. He is the bestselling author of three such novels - You Are My Reason To Smile, I Still Think About You, and Chocolate Sauce - Smooth. Dark. Sinful. - that talk of love and its sheer power to win over all odds.