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Anshuman Rai

Anshuman Rai

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Anshuman Rai

There are a lot of IT professionals and Engineers who are writing? Why do you think this is happening?

I believe that people realize that writing is a wonderful way of expressing feelings. It all starts with inspiration inside of a classroom where an English teacher expects a student to pen a paragraph, a precise, or an essay. It has always been hard to find the right word that describes perhaps the weather, the time of the day and the environs of a garden. As a matter of fact it is difficult sometimes to decide whether to hold a pencil or a pen when writing. Writing is also a healthy break from day to day activities that seem mundane after a while. It can be a healthy source of income to people who are managing on little and trying to save for the future. Last but not the least a writer is always tired and dissipated in a good way.

When and why did you gravitate towards writing?

One fine day I woke up and was amazed by the light in my room. A well lit room is the prerequisite for reading a book, and later for some rumination on homework to be done, assignments to be finished and I supposed a prayer for good luck during examinations. Light flitting across a garden, reflecting from a brook, and light on the face of a person can perhaps be the best source of inspiration. Memory of someone special, places visited with friends and family and dreams all make up for a healthy imagination. But sometimes inspiration can be found in simple things like a cup of tea, a snack or say something simpler like a breath of fresh air on the face.

Please share your experiences with publishing.

It is difficult and yet interesting to find a publisher or an agent. There are options out there but one has to research thoroughly. I believe Srishti publishers encourage budding writers. It is difficult to find an agent for a debutant writer as agents typically have a niche. There are a variety of optionsavailable and the budding writer has to reach out to various publishers and consider assisted publishing sometimes. I personally had to send out my manuscript to somewhere around 20 publishers before I made my choice. I believe its the same number for others as well. I wish you good luck with collaboration on getting published.

Please tell us about the inception of ‘Madhumati’

I believe it is the same with all writers, it happens over a cup of coffee or tea. An idea that has been nascent in the  mind begins to brew until it settles down and some instinct begins to take over intuition. It is then that an author arrives at the decision of writing a book. However, sometimes the author gets past the first few pages and abandons the project as she/he is not able to strike the right chord. I can’t be sure of this fact but I believe most authors go through a passing phase of writing some 15-20 pages of books that they then abandon before the right words start coming out. The best way to describe that would be having a cold start in the morning and that feeling of not wanting to get out of the bed.

What are your favourite reads from last year?

I have not been reading fiction, but I did like ‘Hold My Hand’ by DurjoyDutta and I bought a copy of ‘The Boy Who Loved’ by DurjoyDutta but did not get time to read it. I was first introduced to the modern novel in the course by a wonderful teacher Prof. G. Neelkanthan. I do have a preference for the romantic novel and I like the ones that have the right tinge of humor. I have read some popular authors in India like Amish, Durjoy, Nikita and Ravinder. These days I find it hard to find time to read.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out as a writer, what would it be?

It is always appropriate to write about things that really move a person rather than trying to find motivation elsewhere. They can be something really simple like flowers, a smile or a stream of water. Some authors delight in complexities like an emotional connection or perhaps art. All in all writing about places, people, and sometimes exuberant feelings can be quite a colorful activity.


About the Interviewee:

Anshuman Rai teaches computer science and dabbles in software consultancy, where he puts to use a decade of experience acquired writing software for various firms in India, America and Europe.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in computer science and engineering from IIT Kanpur and a Master of Engineering in computer technology and application from C.S.V.T.U. He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in digital image processing from C.S.V.T.U.

In his spare time, he likes to make some noise with his guitar and a harmonica. Writing is a hobby and an acquired talent, developed in the spare time he gets away from his laptop.