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Anjali Bharthari Ravi

Anjali Bharthari Ravi

Anjali Bharthari Ravi

How did you develop the passion for Environment and Heritage?
Environment, Heritage and culture have been a part of my life while growing up. Our school activities like trekking, camping etc and a similar atmosphere at home just reinforced these values in me. Over the years my work and travel both relating to environment and heritage have taught me to cherish and value what we have. Being from a traditional family with strong values also helped in developing these thoughts from an early age.
You also conduct Heritage Walks. How do these walks contribute towards creating awareness?
Heritage walks provide an exposure to people to view their surroundings through The eyes of a specialist interpreter. They get to realise the heritage value of their immediate environment. Children especially, respond very favourably to such activities which go a long way in sensitising them.
Do you feel that the Government is doing enough to protect our heritage and environment?
Enough is a very strong word.It can never be enough.Since independence we have actually done very little to preserve our heritage and environment.Since we have a problem of plenty there is a lot lotlot more which needs to be done. One immediate input which is required is greater inclusion of conservation aspects in our education syllabus.
Please tell our readers about your literary endevours
Writing comes very naturally to me. You travel, you want to share your experiences with others and you just want to write to document it for yourself or you want to just write to express yourself. I have been writing as a child mostly as a way of expressing and recording my thoughts. Later my horizons expanded to write professionally about heritage and environment. I have written on Jim Corbett’s walking trails, Rajaji National Park, done a Coffee table book on the amazing Forest Rest Houses of Uttrakhand and a couple of other books. I am also trying to be regular on my blog and Facebookposts which requires a lot of steady effort and discipline.
What do you find most fascinating about the legacy of Jim Corbett?
The most fascinating aspect about thelegacy of Jim Corbett is that it is relevant even today. if you read his books there are still chances you can identify with the habitat . If you see the people , they remember him very fondly and what he has left behind in the Corbett National Park, that itself is a great contribution to conservation legacy since its formation in 1935. His summer house in Kaladhungi and his village of ChottiHaldwani is something he was very proud of and the very fact that the people have taken it upon themselves to conserve his legacy is a reflection that his legacy will be passed down to the next generation. Jim Corbett’s love for India and it’s people and his sorrow at the destruction of wildlife can be felt even today.
What are the policy changes required for sustainable development in the Doon Valley?
Policy level changes for sustainable development will require that we first develop a vision of the Dun Valley we want to see over time. AdHoc measures which change every few months or years will only lead to greater damage over the long term. There is a need to get all stake holders together and decide how much are we willing to pay for this development in terms of damage to our environment. Let us all come to some understanding of the various conflicting demands that we need to settle and go about this in a delibrate manner.

About the Interviewee:

Anjali Bharthari Ravi is a consultant for research & documentation and heritage interpretation. She develops communication material and has authored several books. She is an expert in Ecotourism.

Her work over the last fifteen years has involved extensive travel in India and abroad and interaction with people from various sectors. Through her work, she is committed to generate awareness on preservation, conservation and protection of built, natural and cultural heritage.

Sensitizing the next generation about environment and heritage is also one of her passions. She is a keen sportsperson and senior volunteer with SPIC MACAY. Her pursuits in painting, mud pottery, photography & birdwatching compliment her work.