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Anita Krishan

Anita Krishan

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Anita Krishan

Your last book ‘Fluffy and Me’ was a complete 360 degrees to ‘Despite Stolen Dreams’. Are you going to continue to surprise us like this?

 Absolutely! My next venture is entirely a different genre. ‘Variety is the spice of life!’

Please tell us a bit about the room where you write and spend most of your time.

The summer heat keeps me confined to my cool ground floor bedroom, a corner of which is reserved as my writing space. The northeastern window there faces my little garden where grows a huge fig tree that fruits thrice a year. The tree’s canopy provides a cool shade and a perfect picnic spot for my frequent visitors;a variety of birds and scurrying creatures can be spotted here. They are my welcome distractions – I think, write and watch the theatre of nature at the same time.

The winter sun beckons me to the space where it showers its bounty; my south facing sitting room that faces a cluster of palms and ferns in my main garden.

Your book ‘Despite Stolen Dreams’ has been nominated for the Valley of Words Book Awards 2018. Are literary awards important for authors to establish credibility around the literary circuit?

These days, when thousands of fictional and non fictional books are pouring into the market every month, the literary awards become even more imperative and crucial for channeling good literature to the serious readers. Otherwise, many good books are just lost in this chock-a-block.

Do you feel that the quickly diminishing habit of reading could make a comeback and become a part of our culture in the future?

 Reading habit is like an addiction, those hooked once cannot be easily swayed away from it.

Though, in this era of the electronic gizmos when the choices for addictions are many, I feel the modern educated parents do realise the positive outcome of inculcating good reading habits in their children. Especially now that the ill effects of the excessive usage of electronics are well realised; so is the importance of reading habit as means of therapeutic, curative, and intellectual enhancement.

I am pretty hopeful that reading habit will eventually overcome the storm of the digital information.

Your book is set in Kashmir. Did you have to do a lot of research for the book?

Though, most of the characters and situations are the creations of my imagination, a lot of research work did go behind writing this book.



About the Interviewee:

Anita Krishan is an English fiction writer, author, poet and columnist with a unique perspective towards storytelling. She worked as an educator for 25 years before deciding to devote full time to writing. As a senior columnist with The Indian Economist, she made impressive contributions on political and cultural issues.

Born in Shimla in 1955, she spent initial twenty two years of her life in this pristine Himalayan town, earning her master’s degree in English literature and moving on to a career of introducing delights of the language to her young learners. In her long tenure as an educator, she has enriched the lives of countless students with the mysteries of the narrative.

An extremely sensitive human being, she has been affected by the prevalent political, social and environmental problems, and has endeavoured to create a shift in human perspective through her writings.

She has traveled the world extensively, observing and absorbing multiplicity of human ethos and cultures.