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Amita Thakur

Amita Thakur

Amita Thakur

Have you always felt driven to write? Are there any specific authors or books that you find particularly inspiring?

I always knew that I have a natural talent to spin stories, but never thought I would be able to pen it down. I was a science student throughout, and literature never influenced me much. It’s only at a point in my life I felt the urge to share my stories with the rest of the world.
I read all genres – autobiographies and fiction are my favourites. Willliam Dalrymple, Sagarika Ghose and Devdutt Pattanaik have influenced me a lot lately.

When do you find time to write? Does this differ from when you started writing your first novel?

Being a mother of two, I only find time to write when children are away from home. Nothing much has changed, I still need the peace around to write.

What do you think is the greatest advantage of self-publishing? On the other hand, is there anything you feel self-published authors may miss out on, such as the editor-author relationship?

The most significant advantage of self-publishing is that you retain the creative control over the entire publishing process. Secondly, you have the whole right to the content. Profit margins are better than the traditional publishing.

Yes, self-publishing authors miss out a lot regarding publicity of the book and pan India distribution. Author has to plan and execute everything, whereas in traditional publishing the publisher takes care of marketing and sales. Regarding the editor-author relationship, there is always scope as one can hire an editor if needed in case of self-publishing.

Please tell us a bit about the inception of Billori.

Billoori is a heartbreaking story based on a real-life incident. It portrays the plight of a teenage, rape victim mother.

You have been writing prolifically on women-centric issues. What drives you to do that?

Firstly, being a woman, I can illuminate the full spectrum of women related issues and their roles in society. Also, I am a mother of two daughters, which strengthens my understanding of the women-centric problems.

Please tell us a bit about your forthcoming literary projects.

I have recently finished my novel (romantic fiction) ME & YOU: to the moon and back. And, this time I want to publish it traditionally.

Your short story “Top Dog” launched on Juggernaut. How has the response been from readers and how was the experience like with the online platform?

Top Dog is not the only short story on the digital-online platform; I have a few more. My First Night on Juggernaut was the top editorial pick. Also, Luck By Chance on ttt (terribly tiny tales). It is an exciting platform, especially for short reads. Response to my stories on Juggernaut has been fantastic. ttt is still catching up. But, I feel digital reading can be a significant influence and can get on board a lot of non-readers.

About the Interviewee:

Amita Thakur compassionately writes about women-centric issues. Her debut novel My Aaradhya is a tribute to every woman. Also, she is a passionate blogger and a culinarian. Amita Thakur is a graduate in medical science, based in Gurgaon. She is a fellow member of the Film Writer's Association (SWA).
Amita started blogging in 2015. Her blog 'Mixed Spices of Life' ( is well-read and enjoyed by friends and family across the world. Amita is a mother of two beautiful daughters. Her debut novel 'My Aaradhya' is dedicated to both of them.