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A Woman Unparalleled – Preet Sandhu

A Woman Unparalleled – Preet Sandhu

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A Woman Unparalleled – Preet Sandhu

Tanya Singh

Your book is inspirational, and is really motivational for any woman trying to make something of herself in the world today. What are the things that you do, to keep yourself mentally fit, to be able to inspire so many others?

My aspirations, my father’s ideas, my passion to live life by standing out from the crowd, always motivates me to work hard and work more than the regular person. If a normal person works for 8 hours a day , I work 12 hours a day exerting to achieve my ambitions. To keep myself mentally fit, I never put myself in a position wherein I have to choose between my ambitions and family. I prioritise my schedule in a way where I give 1 hour daily to my son and 2 hours to my husband. I talk to my loved ones on the phone. Being an introvert, I do not have many people in my life, however the most important people in my life give me the mental peace and energy to keep my spirits high. My belief is that everything has its own place, work has its own importance and family is significant in itself, so try to keep yourself balanced always, especially when it comes to the important aspects of life. 


What was the process of writing ‘A Woman Unparalleled’ like for you? How long did it take? Was it cathartic?

I completed ‘A Woman Unparalleled’ in one year. As a first time author, I did not follow any professional writer or the ideal writing process. The book brought out a very candid version of my thoughts. During my entrepreneurial journey, whatever the challenges I faced emotionally and mentally, I did not give up, in fact I found reasons behind every challenge and tried to fight them. Facing every challenge I became successful in defeating it. This book gave me a lot of clarity about the beliefs of life. We all carry values, beliefs from our family and societal dogmas. While writing this book, I got the transparent and clear picture of every belief. For instance, I will explain this with a small example. The girls who are brought up in the 80’s and 90’s, carry a belief that girls are not liked when they talk a lot or when they dominate. However, after writing this book and during my entrepreneurial journey, I have learnt that a girl too is a human and every human has the right to express their opinions and carry their own attitude. Gender takes a back seat, the first priority is to keep your opinion across the table. These are some of the learnings I write about in this book.


‘A Woman Unparalleled’ talks about three paths of life – Identification, Realisation and Implication. How did you draw upon this theory, and who are the self-motivation guides that have inspired you on this journey?

I haven’t followed anyone yet. I do agree somewhere with Buddha’s beliefs but do not follow anyone. The theory of identification, realisation and implication is drawn by me out of my experiences, I identified my challenges, complications, then realised from where they had been seeded, rooted and watered and then implemented my tactics to beat them. It is a very generic process for anyone to beat their challenges. We do make things and processes complicated by applying theories of others, however I do believe that everyone has a unique life and that is how they have to dig out the unique theory for them to live the process of their life. 


Your name is up there amongst the giants of social media, and the likes of Neil Patel. How did you start blogging social media influencing? How did you climb up that ladder with the speed of light?

I just followed my learnings and decided to share with people. The thoughts are very real time and people resonate with these thoughts. I think presenting your real self is the ladder you need to climb to reach where you want. 


Have you always written your thoughts down; would you say you were a philosophical child? Please tell us an incident from your childhood that has left a profound impact on you.

Yes, I do write down my thoughts as and when they come to mind. I do not think I was a philosophical child. However, I am a person who always stays within herself. I have my own world and I always try to figure out what is right or what is wrong to beat the challenges coming up in daily life. In my childhood, there is no such incident, but I could not find my tribe in my own family and cousins. I was an introverted child and had a unique and different thought process. Not finding my tribe, my kind of people impacted me a lot and that is how I shaped my life the way I could understand.


‘A Woman Unparalleled’ is your first book, published by Invincible Publishers. Could you tell us about the process of publishing; was it hard, what were the obstacles that you faced?

It is always challenging for a first time author to get their book published. However , with Invincible, I did not find any challenges, in fact it was quite smooth working with them.

About the Interviewee:

Preet is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of "A Woman Unparalleled". She is a naturally enthusiastic, result-oriented professional with more than 10 years of experience and interest in ‘Skill Services’, that includes but is not limited to operations, stakeholder management, administration and project management.
At present, she is the Chief Operating Officer of All India Technical Management Council and is leading a team of more than 100 employees.