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School Outreach

Valley of Words seeks the involvement of premier institutions of Dehradun to help make this one of the most engaging and involved literature festivals of the Doon Valley!

After all, a festival is all about working for and with the community, especially the younger generations and those who nurture their creative potential.

Writers at School Program

Many of our Authors and resource persons will be happy to visit your school, and talk with your students. You may like to organise a special session for your student teachers. We would prefer if the program in your school is an “open” event to which the neighbourhood and community is invited, but the decision is with the school. The responsibility of the Institution is limited to arranging the transport of the author from Madhuban Hotel.

Teachers as Discussants and Rapporteurs

We would encourage faculty engagement with the Valley of Words as Discussants and Rapporteurs. This will not only increase the interaction among writers and faculty, it will also build lasting and long-term relationships with the institutions. Moreover, the teachers and the school they represent will get coverage on the social media, live webcast and in workshop report. This will lead to a positive synergy among the stakeholders.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions

We are keen to offer the following workshops and interactive sessions to the Dehradun schools as part of our outreach effort to ensure message of the valley of Words is carried to the intended stakeholders. The workshops and interactive sessions will be curated for each school in mutually accepted formats. these could be Inter-school, Intra-school events at your school auditorium.

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