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Salt of the Earth

VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 15 / Salt of the Earth

VoW 2019 | November 15 – 1:40 pm to 2:10 pm | |

Salt of the Earth

P.K.Gera in conversation with Anubhav Pradhan | Chair: Pradeep Singh

Salt of the Earth



The group discussion on the book, “Salt of the Earth”, was a very interesting and refreshing one, with P.K. Gera, Anubhav Pradhan and Pradeep Singh as the chair. While it’s a very common assumption that the audience wouldn’t be very interested in anything to do with the corporate world, the audience, in this discussion, was very interested in the talk and participated to a highly satisfying degree. The event started off with Pradeep Singh giving quite detailed backgrounds about the two main speakers, P.K. Gera and Anubhav Pradhan. Even though the two speakers hailed from two different backgrounds, one from Science, the other from Humanities, the liveliness of the discussion wasn’t diminished. The main The main purpose that the discussion started off with was on the journey, the ups and downs of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited. P.K. Gera emphasized upon the three main things and values that he has learned along the way of transformation of the enterprise and through that, himself as well. First, he claimed that the way in which we focus on technology could lead to bad social implications. Like, how mercury based technology had led to poisoning in parts of Japan. Second, he highlighted the necessity of Innovation in leading the way forward for humanity. He also said that innovation is not limited to super-intelligent people with the Fanciest degrees, it could be anyone. Third, he talked of how energy has contributed to the development of the enterprise, even with the constraint of Gujarat having very limited energy resources.

Following up on the information, he mentioned that the fact that India has no concrete plan to use Chlorine is an issue to worry about. That, itself, would be a big challenge, for India. At one point, along the conversation, he discussed how this book has the potential to become sort of a management Bible that could help entrepreneurs with big dreams. Elaborating further on the set-up of the organisation, he informed the audience that they meet everyday at 11 and discuss freely over how to make the organisation better. He also mentioned of how workers expect bonuses before Diwali and that the challenge, lies in keeping the human assets happy while not compromising on the company’s profits. The session ended with him, making the announcement that the Kindle edition of the book would be free for 5 years.

-SCHULU DUO, St. Stephens

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