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VoW 2019 | November 16 – 3:10 pm to 4:10 pm | |

RSTF-6 “[email protected] 20” Curated by Sustainable Development Forum, Uttaranchal “Uttarakhand: The Numero Uno Destination”

Manisha Pawar, Pankaj Gupta, Mukesh Goyal & V Kalra | Chair: Sanjeev Chopra

RSTF-6 “UTTARAKHAND@ 20” Curated by Sustainable Development Forum, Uttaranchal “Uttarakhand: The Numero Uno Destination”


Pondering over the industries in Uttarakhand :

Elaborating upon the industrial development pattern of Uttarakhand, the session on “Uttarakhand: The Numero Uno Destination” was curated by Sustainable Development Forum, Uttaranchal at the Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival- Dehradun. The session was kicked off by the introductory statement presented by Sanjeev Chopra as he examined the sustainability aspects of Uttarakhand Industrial pattern.

Why Uttarakhand took the path of industrialisation and what are the major patterns of sustainability? Answering the question, Sanjeev Chopra said “2004 changed everything, as it opened up the industrial and investment avenues in the valley.” The two components of huge importance were: Industrialization and Investment patterns. Sanjeev Chopra also elaborated upon the growth of employment in Uttarakhand as an important provision for the integrated development of the state.

They used the engaging medium of the PowerPoint presentation to examine the developmental model of the state. The project was labelled as “Uttarakhand: Perception past, present and future.” It mainly included three provisions of Uttarakhand: Natural Beauty, Devbhoomi and Honest Hardworking. The audience was able to associate with the established narratives associated with Uttarakhand, primarily religious in nature.

Manisha Pawar said, ” Apart from the natural and religious exclusivity of Uttarakhand, the entrepreneurial and industrial opportunities are also present.” The established narratives regarding the state were shown by displaying the painting section of Times of India, in which the students had to draw their first impression regarding the state of Uttarakhand. The audience was quite shocked to see that the representations mainly included, references to religion or nature.

The parallel equation created by the panelists about the state, enabled the spectators to examine the place from a different perspective. One of the audience members expressed, ” The industrial development of the state is not given primacy over all the other avenues of the state.”

The concluding portion of the session laid emphasis upon the economic sectors of the state apart from the religious and natural economy.

Sabahat Ali Wani, St. Stephens, New Delhi

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