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VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 17 / POETRY CAFÉ – II

VoW 2019 | November 17 – 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm | |


Ashwani Kumar, Rohit Trivedi, Agrima Nidhi Sharma, Shireen Quadri, K S Ram & Mugdha Sinha Chair: Pravin Krishna



What am I ?

The Poetry Cafe that happened on the last day of the Valley of Words Literary and Arts Festival,  was a curation of human emotions. It started with K S Ram talking about the poems that were deepest to his heart. He said that the titles of his poems are unconventional but the emotions in it aren’t.

“Phirti hoon jagah jagah,

Par Apne mein rahti hoon

Kya hoon mein ?

Mein kon hoon?”

Mugda Sinha’s poems talk about people judging others and the curiosity of every human being to find yourself and find out your purpose. She narrated an anecdote about a  person coming and asking her who she was. When she replied that she was a painter, he asked what painting she did. She replied that she painted wine bottles and he went on to question and converse about alcohol and how much her capacity was. People do tend to judge each other a lot and mostly we end up in questioning ourselves, mostly because of the society norms and pressures or sometimes, but sometimes also because we are unsure about our purpose in life.

“A lot of semicolons, but never a full stop”

To hear this from Agrima Sharma, someone I had know for around six months was emotional, because of the personal touch into it. She started by saying that she deals with poetry on mental health. Her poems were the right example for the lines, “Sweetest songs are that of the saddest thoughts”, like the next panelist Rohit Trivedi said. The voice of her energy and the way she had put in emotions into her words was touching. The audience could feel the emotion in her voice while she was reciting her poems.

“It had stories of the past and the present.”

Rohit Trivedi, recited his poem titled The World’s best poem. His poem talks about how the best poem in the would be different and how it would not have happy faces. The best poem in the world would be blank. A blank paper where you will see your faces, where your mind will reflect. This words reflect what Madhulika told in her session on the previous day titled “The Magician’s Rabbit”.

The session ended with Ashwani Kumar reciting parts from his epic poem Benaras. He started with a disclaimer because his poems might be ‘shocking’ to the audience.

The whole session had the authors open up their hearts in the most chosen words and could strike a note with the audience.

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