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Musical Evening : Vadya Vrind

VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 15 / Musical Evening : Vadya Vrind

VoW 2019 | November 15 – 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm | |

Musical Evening : Vadya Vrind

Twenty five instrument orchestra of All India Radio [AIR]

Musical Evening : Vadya Vrind


Vadya Vrind, an Indian classical orchestra concert performed by the All India Radio gave an exciting and splendid evening to all those who attended the event. A recital of the most enchanting songs and ragas of all time using twenty five Indian instruments, it will be an understatement to say that the program kept the audience glued to their seats and hands up in the air.

The program started off on a soft note with a recital of Vande Matram filling the cold evening with sweet musical notes, filling the audience with small smiles. The musicians moved own to perform Raag Jog, originating from the Kafi thaat, one of the most popular of ragas of the Indian classical family, also a favourite among commercial musicians. The performance teleported the audience to a whole new space.

After that came the highlight of the evening, a rendition of the old evergreen hindi film songs including Tareef Karoon, Dum dum diga diga among others which excited the veterans and millenials alike, thanks to all those bands which remake iconic hindi songs. The eyes of veterans in the audience could be seen getting filled with nostalgia as they started looking at each other, humming the lyrics and slowly started putting up their hands in the air. They might have been reminded of those golden years in which they grew up listening to Akashvani, the only source of entertainment available to the masses.By the end of the last song, the audience’s excitement had melted into a single emotion and the whole of the lawns started vibrating with the unity of all the hands coming together. The performance ended with a rendition of a devotional song and with the echoes of the audience demanding for more.

The way in which various musical instruments with diverse techniques to produce music, coming together on the same stage to produce one music was highly captivating. If not for the time schedule and it’s limitation, the audience would not have minded spending the whole night listening to the enchanting magic of this music. The event was nothing less than a musical therapy to the listeners. It won’t be wrong to say that this was the best session of Vow first day.

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