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VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 17 / MUSHAIRA

VoW 2019 | November 17 – 10:45 am to 11:45 am | |


Afzal Mangluri, Aleena Itrat, Gyanendra Kumar & Indu K Pandey Curated by S Farooq



“VoW witnesses Mushaira in the morning”

The third day of Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival – Dehradun took the audience by storm as it started off with the urdu poetry event – “Mushaira”. The session was curated by Mr. S. Farooq and Mr. Afzal Mangluri, Miss Aleena Itrat, Mr. Gyanendra Kumar and Indu K. Pandey were the invited personalities. The event started off with the introductory speech by S.Farooq as he laid emphasis upon the historical context of language and script associated with poetry.

Dr. S Farooq said, ” It’s important to learn about different languages as people often tend to mispronounce the words of Hindi.” He gave the examples like the urdu word “zamana” is pronounced like “jamana” by a particular section of society.

Miss Aleena Itrat recited the lines of her ghazal that:

“Baad-e-Saba chali to hum.

Aap se Aap he chat gaye”

(With the arrival of the morning breeze.

I lost myself from myself.)

After the recital of other ghazals, the audience was appalled by the themes of societal and political discourse presented by the poets, in a poetic yet critical manner. The exclusivity of the event further increased with the introduction of the poet, Mr. Afzal Mangluri. The main reference of the ghazal presented by the poet was connected with the literary pieces of Amir Khusro. “Batiyan” was the poem that stole the limelight of the event and left the audience in complete awe. The poem made people vulnerable to the double-faced nature of the society as Mr. Afzal Mangluri said,

” Humare muh pe hamari batiyan, tumahre muh pe tumahri batiyan.”

This respective ghazal left the audience speechless as they could relate with every theme and verse.

Mr.S Farooq later on also added about the event of Mushaira being conducted in ‘morning’. He stated about the association of night with poetry but then also nullified the unnecessary importance to a particular time of a day. The essence of poetry and its effort to bring out the ideas of respect, love and harmony was the most celebrated aspect of the event.

Mr. Aleena Itrat also received huge applause from the panelists as well as by the audience for her engaging poetry. The event gave  the members of the audience with a smile on their faces and a lesson to take home. One of the audience members said, “Urdu is the language of poetry and its the language that makes you fall in love with the world.” The audience was filled with people of diverse backgrounds and poetry indeed was dynamic.

Sabahat Ali Wani, St. Stephens

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