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VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 15 / “KAVI SAMMELAN”

VoW 2019 | November 15 – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm | |


Buddhi Nath Mishra, Leela Dhar Jagudi, Aum Nischal, Ambar Kharbanda, Mamta Kiran, JP Pandey, Ranjeeta Singh & Indu K Pandey




Without any doubt, the highlight of the Day 1 of Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival – Dehradun was the “Kavi Samelan”. The reference to the historical context and its connection with the problems of status quo enhanced the degree of association with the recited poetry. Ambar Kharbanda, Mamta Kiran, Aum Nischal, J.P Pandey, Ranjeeta Singh, Buddhi Nath Mishra, Indu Pandey and Shri Vajpayee were the people who vocally ornamented the event with comedic but critical references.

Ranjeeta Singh mentioned that,

” Hum ko aman wa mohabbat par yaqeen, khatam hoga siyasi zeher dekho.”

(We are the believers of peace and love.

This politics of poison will come to an end, you will see.)

These lines were enjoyed and thoroughly applauded by the people. The gathering created a niche for the people to express and associate with the common day issues which often receives the crackdown from the society. The aspect of “hope” and its importance in the  world of pessimism was surfacing all over the gathering. The session followed the pattern of basic communication as the audience was fully submerged into the poetic atmosphere. The beautiful valley of Uttarakhand and the ‘Kavi Samelan’ were the two major reasons for the success of the event.

The event followed the pattern of Ghazals, Dohas and songs which were flexible in their structure and themes. Not only the modern day problems of society but the deep individual confusions were portrayed through the medium of poetry. The comedic character of the recitals engaged the people more as the gathering happened on the lines of interaction and association. The essence of art and its value was also brimming throughout the event as it makes people more compassionate and acceptable about sensitive issues.

‘Ambar Kharbanda’ also received huge appraisal from the masses because of his speaking and writing style. The criticism presented  by the poet about the growing city-life culture and capitalistic lifestyle affected the intellect of the people. The event gave the alienated and unacceptable issues a poetic touch and made people think about it. The art created a platform for the free expressive space for the people attending the event.

Infusing a refreshing perspective on modern life and its very many absurdities, R. Vajpayee read his share of couplets, that found a place in everyone’s heart. Earning applause everytime he stopped for breath, Mr. Vajpayee was able to liven up the quietest members of the audience. He touched upon the vast expanse of topics including familial abandonment, dreams and associated trials, the truth of mortality and the need for it to be that way.

The gathering was actually the limelight of the day as all the poets portrayed their views in excellent manner. While moderating the session reminded us that while politics, media,  regimes etc are constantly changing but art, always remains art and an artist will remain true to his principles irrespective of the ever-changing ideology surrounding him.We might have left the golden age of poetry far behind but art represents ‘hope’ and that will help us to go forward.

Sabahat Ali Wani, St.Stephens

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