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Bin Jiya Jeevan

VoW 2019 / Sessions / November 16 / Bin Jiya Jeevan

VoW 2019 | November 16 – 2:50 pm to 3:20 pm | |

Bin Jiya Jeevan

Kuldeep Kumar | Chair: Buddhinath Mishra

Bin Jiya Jeevan


Carpe Diem: A lesson that never goes stale

“All great art comes through suffering”

One goes through life as if one were burdened with it. One needs to learn to cease it. While this may seem easy, it’s not hard to figure out it’s harder done than said when you remember the tons of insecurities that have been heaped on you. But as humans, we are also born with the desire to rise above  these insecurities, with the agency that is so inherent in humans. One of the ways through which we do so is through the art of writing down our feelings on paper. That very fact ensures the permanence of an art form like poetry. It is within this larger discussion that this event screams at you to take charge of your life, to live life, not just pass through it in a trance. The collection of poems that were recited and the discussions that followed certainly energised the audience and were very encouraging as well. Kuldeep Kumar and Buddhinath Mishra knew how to keep the audience interested and kept the discussion simple and yet, thought-provoking.

The focus of the discussion also shifted to the necessity of sadness in being able to write good poetry. While one may look at it as romanticisation of mental illnesses, it is necessary to look deep beneath what reasons have compelled them to come to that conjecture. Many poets over the centuries have commented on how sadness or heartbreak have led them to see the pointlessness of life, when the very essence of it lies in its unquestioned repetition. This in fact made them transcend the foolish pleasures of life and in this way, enlightened them. One could see it as a way through which we learn to leave behind our foolish optimistic selves and progress to the adult world where we don’t have any father or mother figures to protect us.

When Buddhinath Mishra was asked as to what books he sources his inspiration from, he replied that he has got his inspiration from the Indian Epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata for the reason that they contain stories of every theme. Hence, the importance of such has been crystallised in the poetry and works he has written.

The discussion ended with a lot of applause and it is definitely not far fetched to say that everyone would have left the event with a more refined understanding of his poetry.

By SCHULU DUO, St.Stephens

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