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Pan-India Literature Festival

VoW 2021

The fifth edition of the Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival, a.k.a VoW 2021, flags off its pan-India presence with the first vertical on Military History and Strategy beginning in New Delhi on the 9th of October. The two-day weekend event (9th-10th October) is dedicated to the 1971 War: a war that re-shaped the sub-continent. Joining us from India and abroad both virtually and physically are stalwarts from the defence forces, the media, the Indian cinema, authors and many other dignitaries who will be taking us back in time as they share with us that crucial chapter of India’s history.

Come and be part of this galaxy of eminent people as we turn back time to the year 1971.

VoW 2021 Website Homepage Vadodara[4988]

After flagging off its successful pan-Indian presence at the USI New Delhi, the Valley of Words moves West for Sahitya.

The vibrant city of Baroda or Vadodara is ready to play the perfect host for its authors short-listed under the Hindi Fiction and Non-Fiction vertical. The historical National Academy of Indian Railways, our venue partner for the two-day event will come alive with marathon sessions tailored around our authors beginning on the 22nd of October and ending on the evening of 23rd of October.

Interspersed with dialogues between poets, authors, historians and artists this vertical will be a book-mark in the pages of the city’s patronage to art, culture and literature.

And the literary celebrations continue two days after Diwali. Valley of Words will make a two-day pit-stop at Kolkata to make the weekend brighter and better. ‘The City of Joy’ is ready to give a warm welcome to our short-listed authors under the English Fiction and Non-Fiction Category. The iconic Bengal Club will be our venue partner for the two day cerebral outpour of literature, art, culture and sessions custom-made for our guests on the 6th-7th of November, 2021.

Being a phygital event we will be crossing geographical boundaries and bringing in our short-listed authors live from USA, UK and Europe talking to our esteemed panelists. Join us in this celebration of experimental, science and speculative fiction, history, critical thinking and much more besides!

Valley of Words makes its way South to the city of Nizam: ‘Hyderabad.’ A grand welcome awaits our authors for two verticals: Writing for Young Adults and Translations from Regional Languages.

Our shortlisted authors will join us physically and virtually from all over India where MCHRDI, Jubilee Hills will play host on the 13th-14th of November, 2021.

An interesting mix of authors, their writing styles, illustrations along with a Children Film Fest will give us an unforgettable experience.

If you happen to be in Hyderabad and love to read, do mark your calendar and come get a feel of what magic the written word weaves around us – especially young minds!

The Doon Valley has been both karm and janm-bhoomi for the Valley of Words. It is here that VoW finds it roots. The city of Dehradun will witness a three-day bonanza in the last leg of the festival from the 19th-21st of November, 2021. The VoW team will add a little bit of Science, throw in some technology, have school children enact shortlisted books under the Writing for Children vertical along with authors showcasing their shortlisted books translated from Indian languages such as Assamese, Gujarati, Urdu and more.

Iti Smriti will display its choicest items, along with regional art and craft, so there is something for everyone to watch out for here. In this final weekend we close up with a traditional celebration of the Word – and beyond!