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When Waves Fell Silent

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

When Waves Fell Silent

When Waves Fell Silent, is it a memoir? It's another unknown Indian with an untold story. It chronicles the last one hundred days leading to retirement from an active vocation. Set in the background of the state media, All India Radio, it weaves a mesh of happenings and experiences that often recalls from three decades of service. The emotional bearings of retirement is compared with the waves falling silent in the wee hours because an insensitive shore refused to own it up. Author says post retirement too is akin to that. He has absorbed the trivialities in day to day life especially in the aftermath of a threatening viral attack. Imageries are replete with a keen observation of the mundane. All in all, When Waves Fell Silent would be a read that many would tend to relate to.

Full Title: When Waves Fell Silent - An Unknown Indian on the final 100 days to his retirement from vocation

Publisher: Blue Hill Publications

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

When Waves Fell Silent, is all about sentiments. Is it a memoir? Could be, but is more than that. Say random thoughts. Reality fused with imagery and fiction. Ever observed the dynamism of surging waves? Active years in service are like that. But at the end of it all, in those odd hours, waves turn silent as if seeking redemption. Days to retirement are similar. One can feel the system unhooking, no longer caring to bond. But like the resurgent waves, there is anticipation. The background is a career in media, drawing from over three decades of association as recalled in the last one hundred days. The phase records elations and frustrations in service and apprehensions of an inscrutable future revealing their emotional bearing. It has facts enmeshed
with simple philosophies, nature and life, on a creative canvas. The pages would reveal perceived views on contemporary issues in relation to this media. Quite often the personal misfortunes suffered within the system burps however much he tries to suppress them. Call it retirement blues, the ‘Service Menopause’ something a retiree goes through. Some take it easy, others too hard. It is yet another unknown Indian with an untold story.

About the Author: 

Basically a broadcaster, the author had been with All India Radio, the state public service broadcaster for over three decades as a programme officer, serving in different parts of the country, India. He has had the privilege of holding two national broadcasting awards for programming excellence. Couple of productions nominated to scrutiny by international jury and several features and documentaries had been matter of satisfaction. All through he had been fully engaged with the multiple areas of public service broadcasting with content production and management his priority areas. Presently he is engaged in full time writing. The first ever work, "When Waves Fell Silent”, a memoir on the last one hundred days to retirement from active vocation was published recently.


The book is built up as a daily chronicling on the final one hundred days leading to the retirement from active vocation of the author. Accordingly there are 100 chapters from the hundredth and descending to the final day, each engaging with the phase. It often recalls from his over thirty two years service in the state media, All India Radio. It has history in it, facts in them and his own observations, perceptions and experienced philosophies. It's a non fiction that many would tend to relate to.

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