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When Krishna was Cursed

 | Book Awards 2022 | Mythological Fiction

When Krishna was Cursed

Lord Krishna has a reputation of being a master negotiator. However, when a man loses his brother, there are no negotiations. Prasen goes hunting in the forest and doesn’t return. His brother Satrajit accuses Lord Krishna of killing him to obtain the Syamantaka, a gold producing stone. Will the people of Dwarka lose faith in their Lord? Will Krishna be able to save Prasen along with his reputation? Does a God also prey to curses? Get all the answers in this adventurous story of the Lord who gave us the definition of Karma.

Full Title: When Krishna was Cursed

Author: Rohan Vinayaa
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Award Category: Mythological Fiction
About the Book: 

A book about Krishna that follows his long and arduous journey through a thick forest in search of the Syamantaka gem. Krishna requests his minister Satrajit to surrender the gold producing gem for the betterment of the people of Mathura. When Satrajit refuses and the gems goes missing later, Satrajit blames Krishna for stealing the Syamantaka. Krishna goes to the forest and retrieves the gem to prove Satrajit wrong, marrying twice in the process.

About the Author: 

Gods are men who have done miraculous things. With this belief, Rohan Bapat, a radio professional started writing his first book. He did his MBA from Indore and then ventured into his field of choice, radio advertising. He believes that mythology is nothing but history from too long ago.


Chapter One
Balram had always had an angry temperament. His aggression could only be handled and curbed by his beloved brother, Krishna.
Whenever Balram was angry, Krishna always told him in his calm and reassuring voice, “My beloved Daau! Communication is the key to reconciliation. If you stop communicating with the other person, all the doors to a compromise are closed.” But on this occasion, Krishna was the reason for his anger. Balram was so angry that he couldn’t even look at him, let alone talk to him. That was why he left Dwarka.
“How can he think so little of his elder brother?” Balram roared to himself. He was disappointed. “We have learnt everything together. It is a fact, that he and I have been brought up by the same parents and trained by the same Guru.”
He was fuming with rage, talking to himself.
“How dare he think that I won’t be able to curtail my desires. Shouldn’t he have trusted me and my upbringing? By questioning my ability to restrain myself, he has questioned the very learnings of our Guru, the great Rishi Sandipani. He has questioned my ability to apply what I have learnt.”
He didn’t even notice his wife, Revati, entering the room and taking a seat. She was worried for his health, seeing him stress himself like this. Since her marriage to Balram, she had never left Dwarka for such a long time. She was missing the calm waters of the sea. She always prayed for her husband to be calm like those waters. But it hadn’t happened in the past, and it wasn’t going to happen now. The visual of the familiar sea flooded her mind with memories of her life in Dwarka. She got lost in thoughts of the peacocks that danced in the sandalwood gardens of her palace.
He was never able to stay away from his brother for a long time. But as Balram gabbled on, it felt like he was trying to convince himself to stay angry, “I am the crown prince of Dwarka, not a commoner to be treated like this by my own brother. In spite of being the older brother, I have always followed his lead, because his judgement is always sound.”
He now started to justify to himself that his anger was not misplaced.
“It seems, I have given him too much liberty on my life. He can’t just go on taking decisions for me and expect me to obey each one of them. Not anymore! I have a family of my own, I don’t want my kids to take me for a spineless individual. I want to become an example of ideal conduct for them.”
The mention of her kids jolted Revati back to reality. She finally decided to break the uncontrollable chain of his thoughts.
“Swami... I understand that you are angry. I also understand that your self-respect has been injured. But you can’t blame Krishna for this.”
Balram was surprised to hear Revati’s voice. His failure to notice her presence in the room irritated him further. “Revati, when did you come? And why are you taking his side? You are my wife. You should be as enraged as I am. And rather than sitting here questioning me, why don’t you unpack my belongings. I have told you; we are not going back. Ever!”
Although she knew that his anger would eventually subside, the resolve in his voice told her that it would take a long time.
“Swami, I have not yet unpacked because I know you. I know the love you have for your brother, which makes me believe that we won’t be here for long. Either your rage will cool down or he will find a way to calm you down.”
Balram never liked to be defied when he was angry.

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