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The Missing Prophecy : Rise of the Blue Phoenix

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

The Missing Prophecy : Rise of the Blue Phoenix

A gripping fantasy of passionate love and heroic adventure that will hold you spellbound

Full Title: The Missing Prophecy : Rise of the Blue Phoenix

Author: Khushi Sharma
Publisher: Bigshot Publications

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

The Missing Prophecy – Rise of the Blue Phoenix is a fascinating story set in an inter-galactic Universe with all the seven Elements coming together to save the world from the evil Thagroz. This captivating story, entailing a contest between hope and despair, makes the readers’ imagination soar as they fantasize about the energetic Elementalists, the rising Phoenix, the fire-spitting Giant Serpent, the multi-limbed devil and much more. The spikes of suspense, conspiracy and action-packed movements take the reader on an exciting roller coaster ride.
Ember Hart, the lead protagonist, is the princess of Solaris and a Fire Elementalist. The story begins with Ember on planet Earth along with the Nature Elementalist to lay her hands on the prophecy which will bring back to life the Soul Elementalist, Niklaus Thales, who had sacrificed his life in a battle with Thagroz. Here she has made some new friends who are unaware of her being an extra-terrestrial.
Meanwhile, rebellion is brewing up on Solaris, the Elemental powers are weakening, and the evil forces have once again started to grow. The King is determined to bring her back but Ember, passionately in love with Niklaus, first wants to find the missing prophecy. However, during an attack, her secret is exposed and she is forced to rethink her plans.
Between battling dangerous ancient creatures and uncovering royal conspiracies, she faces life-threatening situations at every turn in this arduous intergalactic journey. Will she manage to pull herself together in time to save her planet from definite destruction? Or will she choose to save the love of her life?
A love like no other.

About the Author: 

Khushi Sharma, a two-time National Medal winner in squash and a pianist, has primarily grown up in India, having spent a few years at Princeton, USA. Khushi is also a keen blogger and research enthusiast. Awarded for leading the community outreach programme in waste segregation and social service, Khushi was also acclaimed as the youngest Isha yoga teacher at age eleven. Fascinated by the interplay of elements and her inner journey, Khushi weaves this fantasy thriller with a lead female protagonist, Ember Hart, epitomizing courage, conviction, perseverance, teamwork and leadership, all that Khushi stands for.


Suddenly the wind began to blow even as the sky burst into showers.
My worst fears had come true. We had been caught unaware.
[She] looked at me with fearful eyes, “They’re here. Aren’t they?”
I nodded. My mind was racing frantically to come up with a suitable plan. We can’t just vanish otherwise it will put our friends’ lives at risk.
“No use running away. We have found you.” A voice rang out as the storm ripped through the Cabin.
“Who are here? What are you guys talking about? Will someone tell me what’s going on here?”

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