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The Harambee Factor

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

The Harambee Factor

Full Title: The Harambee Factor:India - Africa Economic And Development Partnership

Author: Ambassador Gurjit Singh
Publisher: Macmillan Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

There is a growing scholarship around Africa, particularly India’s relations with it. However, an assessment of India’s expanded relationship with Africa in the 21st century has not had a close analysis. At the ICWA, it was the endeavour to promote a deeper understanding and assessment of India’s outreach to Africa. This had attained unprecedentedly high attention since the first India-Africa Summit in 2008. Two more summits followed in 2011 and 2015. The fourth summit was postponed due to the pandemic. This interregnum was a useful time to assess the vast engagement that India had undertaken with Africa. Ambassador Gurjit Singh was uniquely placed to make this assessment having had two assignments in Africa and served as head of Africa divisions in the MEA on two different occasions. He was an integral part of the teams, which established and conducted the first two summits with Africa. ICWA sought to seek fuller details of India’s economic and development cooperation with Africa. Often the relationship with Africa’s other partners is widely discussed and documented. The recent India-Africa engagement lacked integrated scholarship. Given Ambassador Gurjit Singh’s deep knowledge and familiarity with the India-Africa partnership, he has written this book with a rare passion. The book represents a collection of his own experience, interviews with participating entities and his engagement with African and Indian businessmen, academics. institutional leaders and the like. This book is intended to serve as a major source of information and perspective on India’s African engagement in the 21st century.

About the Author: 

Gurjit Singh was a diplomat for 37 years. He joined the Indan Foreign Service in 1980 and served as Ambassador to Ethiopia, the African Union, Indonesia, ASEAN and Germany. Born in Amritsar, he schooled at the Mayo College, Ajmer. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and a masters in International Relations from the School of International Studies of JNU. Known as the developmental diplomat for his initiatives in expanding development cooperation with Africa, Ambassador Singh has a passion for Africa. Having studied it at JNU, he was posted in Kenya (1995-2000) and in Ethiopia (2005-2009). During this time the first IAFS was held when Ambassador Singh was the representative to the African Union. He was the head of the undivided Africa division as Joint Secretary in 2001-2002 and later was Additional Secretary and Sherpa for the second India-Africa Summit in 2009-2012. He has an abiding knowledge about India’s Africa engagement, how it developed and blossomed. He is promoting greater business linkages in Africa with India and trilateral partners. He is a frequent commentator on African issues and India’s engagement with Africa. He shares his experience with young people including as Honorary professor of International Studies at the IIT, Indore.

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