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The Adventures of Kakababu Book 2


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The Adventures of Kakababu Book 2

Full Title: The Adventures of Kakababu Book 2

Author: The Adventures of Kakababu Book 2

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

More Adventures of Kakababu is the second book in the delightful Kakababu series.

In 'Terror on the Mountain Top', Kakababu travels to the Everest base camp, ostensibly to climb the peak. But after finding a corpse, a hidden glacial crevice, and an enormous prehistoric tooth in rapid succession, Shontu begins to suspect that his uncle has, once again, not been honest about the true reason behind his visit.

'The Mystery of the Deserted Ship' finds uncle and nephew afloat in the treacherous waters off the Sunderbans islands. Stubbornly secretive as always, Kakababu refuses to tell Shontu what brought him into the predator-infested mangrove jungle or to the deserted ship. Will Shontu survive his brush with the dangerous delta? And what secrets will he find there?

Originally written by veteran Bengali writer Sunil Gangopadhyay, these Bengali classics have been translated by Rimi.

About the Author: 

Sunil Gangopadhyay was an Indian poet and novelist with over 200 books to his name. A prolific and versatile writer, Gangopadhyay was associated with the Ananda Bazar group, a major publishing house in Calcutta. He was also the founder / editor of the popular seminal magazine named Krittibas.

Rimi is an award-winning translator of literary classics and speculative fiction from Bangla to English. Her works include Sunil Gangopadhyay's The Adventures of Kakababu in three volumes, short stories for the National Reading Programme, and Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay's Pather Panchali. She also takes a keen interest in the goings-on of stray animals, and can often be spotted on the streets of Bombay courting new canine and feline acquaintances.

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