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Storm Beneath The Grey

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

Storm Beneath The Grey

The resilience and tenacity of the human spirit is unfathomable. Look around and you will find that spirit alive and thriving in everyone. However, there are a few that simply take your breath away. Storm Beneath The Grey celebrates the tenacity of five such people, people that probably you may know or can relate to, who weather the unfathomable storms that come their way, and rise above them to continue their dance of life. It is not just the protagonists, but every character that has come alive to portray varying degrees of this tenacity and resilience which makes Storm Beneath The Grey a book that can make you smile, laugh, cry, wrench your heart, fly in joy and sigh with simple pleasure.

Full Title: Storm Beneath The Grey

Author: Keerthana Venkatesh
Publisher: Spark Igniting Minds

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

Storm Beneath The Grey is a book of five riveting stories that touch upon different socio-psychological topics that are often swept under the carpet.

Every story celebrates the resilience and tenacity of the unfathomable human spirit, with its characters seeming none greater than people you may know; the decisions they make are influenced by their inner struggles between their mind and the heart, and with their external circumstances. The stories are woven with unexpected twists and turns that the author has made seem so plausible, that it makes every character thrive with life.

It is not just the major characters, but even several minor characters who portray varying degrees of tenacity and resilience which makes Storm Beneath The Grey a book that can make you smile, laugh, cry, wrench your heart, fly in joy and sigh with simple pleasure.

The book has been reviewed by several industry stalwarts including popular biographer and journalist Vaibhav Purandare, Bollywood director Shekhar Sirrin, celebrated image consultant Sonia Pardesi, COO of IIM-Bangalore Saideep Rathnam, author Anusha Sridharan, Director of CARE Seetharam Koda, and many others.

About the Author: 

Keerthana Venkatesh is the author of Storm Beneath The Grey, a book of short stories that has received rave reviews from readers and industry experts. She has been awarded with the Sahityakosh Samman by NE8x Litfest.

She also holds the title of being a young poet who was recognised for her poetry by the International Society for Poets (Maryland, USA) and the Poetry Society of India back in the year 2000. Her poetry was featured in the print and audio CD anthologies of both organisations. She is also the editor of several business books and anthologies, including 'Story Through My Eyes', 'A Dot That Changed My Life', '50 Faces of Gratitde', and 'Code Un-code Your Psy-Key' among others.' She is also the chief mentor of the Spark Writers' Retreat conducted by Spark Igniting Minds, a writers' support group.

She heads up the global marketing efforts of Engaged Strategy, a boutique consulting firm led by global brand and CX/NPS expert Christopher Roberts, and is also the youngest member on its Board of Directors in India. She has a track record of magnifying the digital presence of the organisations that she has worked for in the marketing team.

She has worked with some of the biggest brands of media, including SiliconIndia, DNA and The Times Of India, across a variety of subjects, including business and technology, people stories, features, health, etc.

Mother to a biological child and an adoptive child, Keerthana Venkatesh has teamed up with two other adoptive parents to form a not-for-profit support organisation, Pragnaa. The organisation provides a platform that brinsg together counsellors, medical professionals, adoptive families and prospective adoptive parents to find a support system and resolve concerns around adoption. Keerthana and her team are also actively working towards building awareness and integrating the concept of adoption or normal and special needs children, adoption of infants and older children into the mainstream. (Details of the organisation's work can be accessed at

An avid traveller, Keerthana is also an alternative energy therapist who thrives on the idea of positivism. You can visualize these reflections in her blog where she shares snippets of everyday life.


It was happening again. Just that I never knew it was a carefully designed game plan.

I was on my umpteenth time home that year following an urgent call from my parents. Every time I travelled those 300 kilometres from the city to my hometown in that last one year - a tiny township that thrives on the revenue it earns from those few city dwellers who visit the hills during summer - I was paraded across the narrow streets of the meandering the hills to meet a prospective bride.

Hi, I am Vinod... let us just leave it at my first name, for that is the identity I carry with me these days. I hail from this tiny town locked between the hills that has barely grown ever since my birth. Carpeted with verdant woods and surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries pulsing with life, it has only recently caught the fancy of vacationers in slightly larger numbers.

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