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Second World War Sandwich


 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

Second World War Sandwich

‘Fascinating’ CYRUS MISTRY ‘A gripping tale of love, friendship and camaraderie set against the backdrop of war’ MANIMUGDHA S. SHARMA

Author: Digonta Bordoloi
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

April 1944: The Imperial Japanese Army lays siege to a tiny British garrison in the remote town of Kohima, Nagaland, to march further into India, which results in one of the turning points of the Second World War.

Among the small group of British troops defending the garrison are four unlikely soldiers: Captain Timothy Hastings, who, before joining the army, was a tea-estate manager; Raan, a cook turned soldier; Chetri, a courageous Nepalese Gorkha; and Mongseng, a native headhunting warrior, who unwittingly becomes a part of the British imperial forces. Fighting for their lives amidst the battle, the four of them are left questioning the human cost of war.

In Second World War Sandwich, Digonta Bordoloi crafts a thrilling novel that burns with intensity and unpacks the lesser-known Naga story of one of the most brutal wars in modern history.

About the Author: 

I am the youngest of three children, born and raised in the North East of India. In my early twenties, the gloss and shine of the corporate world took me first to Delhi, then to Mumbai where I spent over a decade in 9 to 5 jobs (often, much beyond). Once the gloss wore off, I headed to Africa. I lived for a while in Uganda, Swaziland and Zanzibar, Tanzania, where I started writing Slow, my first novel. I hope to bring more stories from not too explored lands and themes, again.

I live with my Love, Susie, and for now we call the Himalayas our home.

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