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Pursuit drawn by Destiny

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Fiction

Pursuit drawn by Destiny

Author: Pooja Poddar Marwah
Publisher: Becoming Shakespeare

Award Category: English Fiction

About the Book: 

"All Kate wanted was a man who loved her and desired her.. All she knew was that Edward Scott was so not the one! And yet, as destiny would have Her way; a chance business meeting leaves her in the midst of a whirlwind friendship.. romance… or something - that none in their right mind could call love! Set among expatriates in the bustling city of Mumbai, Pursuit reveals the complex shades of a mature, modern day relationship between two strongly opposite individuals. What is the mystical reason that Kate holds on… or does she let go? Is he really worth risking her sanity for? Is she Edward's desire or is she is the reason he feels freed? Pursuit captures the true essence of a relationship - Just as is."

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Neha Singh
Tanya Singh

Impressive Story

Its unusual to have a story about expatriates in Mumbai and it is very interesting to read about the various characters that have shaped the novel, Pursuit -Drawn by Destiny. I enjoyed the book and finished it in one go. It was impossible to put down. After Nicholas Sparks, this author needs to be read and pursued!!

7 months ago

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