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My Upside Down World

 | Book Awards 2022 | Writings/ Picture Books for Children

My Upside Down World

Full Title: My Upside Down World

Author: Ken Spillman and Silvana Giraldo
Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books

Award Category: Writings/ Picture Books for Children
About the Book: 

Big brothers are mean. Big brothers spell trouble. And Big Brothers are not to be trusted, especially if they turn your world upside down. Or is it downside up?
In this book where the parallel crazy worlds with their upside-downness and downside-upness weave a fantastic, troubled, creased co-existence, both exasperating and reassuring. Nothing is what it seems like and everything is up for wonder. Read it as a quirky story of squabbling siblings or of something more global, more sinister; each page leaves us peeling multiple layers, especially in a world turned upside down by the pandemic, where the family has come out to be the focal point of our home-bound existence, frustrating for some, reassuring for the others, or both for most.
Ken Spillman adroitly plays around with words and situations both believable and unbelievable, while Silvana Giraldo spins a splendidly broken-but-beautiful world to bring alive a somewhat Orwellian dystopia into this picture book.

About the Author: 

With more than 80 books to his name, Ken Spillman is one of Australia’s most prolific and versatile authors, editors and critics. He has tackled both fiction and non-fiction, winning and being shortlisted for numerous prizes. Ken’s writing for children has appeared on four continents in many different languages. He has entertained more than 90,000 children with his lively presentations on the magic of books, the gift of imagination and the countless benefits of creative thinking. Ken is also a highly popular speaker at international festivals and conferences. Visit


This is a TRUE story.
It’s about my world.

One morning, I woke up to find that my world had been turned upside down.

I blamed my brother.

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