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Men-Women, Mars-Venus & All That B***S***

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

Men-Women, Mars-Venus & All That B***S***

Men Women Mars Venus & All That B***s*** Do men and women really belong to Mars and Venus? Or is it time that they abandon those planets and land where they truly belong….mother earth? Have we as a human race botched up the real man and the real woman in the whirlwind of conditioning? A woman in battle and a man in a nurturing role, how different are they? How did our primates handle these differences, or is there any difference at all? Hundreds of such questions have plagued the human kind and have remained an enigma ever since. Don’t just find answers to these questions in this book but open yourself to a whole new world of radically different perspectives on the battle of the sexes – WHICH SEEM SO DIFFERENT AND YET SO RIGHT.


Author: Rashmi
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

This book is written in order to provide information, motivation and insight into the dynamics of relationships. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own choices, actions, and consequences.
The title of the book is based on popular belief about men and women being associated with Mars and Venus respectively. It does not mean to offend anyone. I have only attempted to rediscover the man woman relationship with regards to changing perspectives.
• This book is radically different from what the world has been pounded with, regarding men and women.
• Men and women are not the opposite sex but the complimentary sex.
• Thousands of hours of research, more than a hundred interviews (including transgender) and umpteen surveys later, I can, with utmost certainty, claim, that men and women belong to mother earth and not mars and venus. And it is time they landed from those planets in order to banish gender narcissism.
• Men and women share 99.6% of their DNA, I wonder why our attention is focused only on the .4% dissimilarity
• There is no one type of male brain or female brain. If a female were to be exposed to perceived male areas of interest, and vice versa, you will notice even the structure of the brain change.

About the Author: 

Rashmi has done her Master’s degree in Labour Law and Labour Welfare and also a post graduate in Human Resource Management. Rashmi is a Certified Yoga instructor with an institute called MYPC, where she teaches Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Swar Yoga and Meditation.


The Million Dollar Question
Embroiled in speculations, arguments, debates, random assumptions and misunderstandings, is the ‘man-woman’ relationship. Mired in controversy and steeped in wonder, it has the best of us befuddled, but with the potentiality of germinating, not just of a new life, but delight in living a contended one. Delight, in a man-woman relationship over long spells of time? Doesn’t ring a bell, does it? In actuality, it appears to be an antithesis of, contentment.
Inarguably, it does start with complete encapsulation of the senses, but once the oscillations of those sweet bells of love reach a point of diminishing velocity, all hell breaks loose; the relationship is no longer desirable, magical or pleasurable. Why does this happen and what are those things you can do to avoid degeneration in relationships?
In pursuit of rediscovering the man-woman relationship:
It is only natural for relationships to go through this bell curve, especially the ones that are not generated through conception. Have you ever wondered, why romantic love naturally wanes, leaving people disgruntled or plain bored, in relationships?
The answer is simple - unceasing appetite for newness infused in our psyche, prevents us from remaining happy or satiated continually. This in turn propels varied experiences and the desire to achieve and acquire. From our mind to our spirit, we are hardwired to seek.
Precious lessons are learnt through experiences, which happen to be a rudimentary fact of our existence. One has to decide through meticulous understanding and acquired experiences, when the longing for newness is admissible in one’s own judgement and when does one, decelerate the rush of desire. Whether your unceasing appetite will get you closer to happiness or will it be the cause of personal decay? Which of these options will propel you to learn the best lessons and which ones will lead you to a better version of yourself? That, is the big question, which will be answered, among many other critical ones, in the pages that follow.
A quick example, for more clarity – having bought a spanking new cell phone, you are elated at the fact that you are in possession of something that you always desired. You shower your love on it by getting a protective cover, handling it with utmost care, trying ceaselessly to discover more about it, making sure that its safety is always on your mind, being on the guard in order to save it from getting left behind, and so forth.
Novelty pushes you to feel love for your acquisition with greater intensity, but just a few months down the ‘love lane’, you see your interest waning. And a year or two later you are already pining for another model.
As disturbing as it may have sounded to a friend of mine who expressed her disappointment about drawing parallels between humanly love and material love; but I had scientific data, besides my own cogitations, to offer, in order to placate her feelings of disappointment. The negative slump in the brain chemistry brought on by our thoughts and feelings of ‘loss’; and, the euphoric neuro-biological bustle, with fulfilment of ‘desire’, are the brains natural responses. The brains responses cannot distinguish between human or non-human. Where ‘the human’ and ‘the material’ diverge, will slowly be revealed in this book. But for starters let’s look at how these intense and intricate humanly relationships start and how they soon, taper off.
It all starts with a huge upswing - zero to hundred in three seconds, like the specifications of an expensive sports car; but it’s inability to sustain at that speed and efficacy, makes one lose interest in it. The natural consequence – disappointment.
What seemed like an exciting, sustainable joyride, no longer fits the description. At the very next turn, the bewitching anticipation of the expected performance takes a beating and ‘the crash’ is inevitable.
Convoluted, complicated, intense, distressing etc, are words that fall short of describing the trauma of failed love.
Disappointments and desire, melancholy and euphoria, expectations and realism – why do relationships have to canvass the edge of extremes?

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