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Meera, Sanga and Mewar


 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

Meera, Sanga and Mewar

Author: Jyoti Jafa

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

Meera Bai, one of India’s most well-known mystic poet is also a Rajput princess of the Rathor clan. Married to Mewar’s Crown Prince Bhoj Raj, son of Rana Sanga, the most chivalrous and powerful warrior king ruling medieval India’s largest and wealthiest Rajput kingdoms, her charmed life revolves around her love for Krishna. Passionate and devoted to her divine consort, this retelling of Meera’s story is a celebration of her life as a princess, a brave daughter-in-law of Mewar, a poet, and a seeker of divine union with her God. Steeped in Rajput traditions, customs and folklore, this novel explores the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical.

About the Author: 

A prolific journalist, Jyoti Jafa is an aristocrat by birth, a diplomat by training and a writer by inclination. She infuses her writing with her own joie de vivre and an artist’s sensitivity to ambience. She is also the author of three of our bestsellers, Nurjahan, Really, Your Highness! and Royal Rajasthan.

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