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 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction


Full Title: Kratu

Author: Samarpan
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

Cursed with eternal memory for transgressing the thin line between orthodoxy and liberty, Kratu, a young man from the ancient era, moves through time and worldly spheres, exploring both the illusions and the wisdom permeating the universe. Burdened by deathless memory, he pines for freedom while traversing successive worlds and epochs, deeply empathizing with the characters, bound in various shades of shackles that populate these sojourns. By the time he is born in a city in the present time, Kratu has dedicated himself to sprinkling joy and freedom from entrapment to people and personalities of all hues. As the story weaves together the successive births of Kratu, tales of wisdom, told masterfully through the medium of divinities and great seers, get knit into a unified whole of past, present and future, bringing alive the consciousness of a millennia of Indian tradition. Kratu, as an engaging novel, not only narrates a multitude of absorbing tales but goes beyond – indeed, as Kratu, the pan-temporal traveller, embeds our psyche with priceless wisdom deeply imbued in the numerous streams coursing through the consciousness of India and its people.

About the Author: 

Samarpan is a Hindu monk, teacher, and writer of several books, articles, memoirs, among other publications. His articles, under his monastic name, have appeared in various journals. His talks on scriptures are available online. Presently, he teaches ancient and modern scriptures at the deemed university of the organization to which he belongs.

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