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Know Your True Potential

 | Book Awards 2022 | Writings for Young Adults

Know Your True Potential

An intriguing saga of realising your calling in Life

Author: Dr Deepak Arora

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

Know Your True Potential reflects the journey of a multitude of youngsters and their parents. The book highlights the lofty ambitions of the youth, the distractions and pains of the growing years and the struggle to find one’s drive and direction. It portrays the predicament of parents who want the best for their children but are fearful of seeing them fail in an intensely competitive world.

Grade 12 students, Sajal, Lakshay and Anshika, have had a turbulent last year. Hailing from different backgrounds, they have their mental blocks and challenges that threaten their transition from childhood to adulthood. They do not wish to live a life dictated by societal norms and restrictions, but yearn to understand themselves better and find their passion and purpose.
The three prodigious but impressionable students could have gone astray but for the timely advice and life lessons from the benevolent Dr Col Kaushik, a psychologist, who has lost his only son Dhruv ahead of time. Through an amalgamation of Eastern and Western philosophies, he weeds out their reservations and frees them of the shackles of the past.
In this coming-of-age story, the students find their calling in life and unlock their hidden potential.

About the Author: 

Dr Deepak Arora is a renowned prosthodontist and a widely recognised motivational speaker in India. He believes in bringing smiles to people’s faces through both his dental craftsmanship and inspirational lectures. He is a columnist for the Inner Voice and Spice of Life column in the Hindu-stan Times, and dailyworld. He hosts a popular motivational channel—deepakaroramotivation—on YouTube. His life’s mission is to awaken people to their purpose and potential.
He considers an amalgamation of the western practises of positive psychology and eastern philosophies of spirituality as the panacea for the body and mental ailments afflicting our society today. Based on his ingenious 7M concept, he is coming up with a centre for holistic health and healing by the end of 2023.


“To this day, I couldn’t comprehend the cause for his falling prey to drugs within just two years of starting college. But one thing is sure—something is amiss in our nurturing, education, and environment. That’s why our youngsters are going astray. We may be providing them with all the practical means, best of the learning facilities and equipment, but there is an infinite void, a pitfall some-where. Else, why is the youth of today going down the hill, why are they getting into such habits?

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