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Kintsugi : The Love Locket

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

Kintsugi : The Love Locket

Did you know that there is a lost nuclear device in the Nanda Devi Mountain which might poison entire Ganga river ? What if such a device gets in the hands of Pakistani spies ? How will Indian secret agencies find the lost nuclear device they left during an operation many years back protecting it from the enemies ? Let's find out all these answers in this book through the story of Bhoomi who goes missing in Kedarnath flash floods of 2013. What will happen to her ? Who will save her and India ?

Full Title: Kintsugi : The Love Locket

Author: Shivam Uniyal
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

Kartik Patil gets imprisoned on the charge of murdering his own friend Mayank. But he is released from jail after one year as there were no concrete evidence against him. Subsequently, he goes in search of the real mastermind. In this course, he discovers that Bhoomi’s father, Doctor Raj Khanduri was a military scientist who invented a ‘Rudraksh’ that could detect and reverse the age of radioactive elements. In search of this new invention a Pakistani spy in disguise of a guide joined a group of Indian scientists and secret agents who were on expedition to search a lost nuclear device in The Nanda Dev and killed Dr Khanduri. What happened to the Rudraksh? Did they ever find the nuclear device in The Nanda Devi? Who killed Mayank and Bhoomi?

About the Author: 

Shivam Uniyal is a student of Bachelors of Education at Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University. He has varied interests viz, reading, writing, listening to music, travelling discovering cuisines and strolling on off beat roads, He has interned under several content writing firms like The Times of India, Aajneeti Advertising LLP ( an advertisement firm ), TBS Planet Comics at IIT Roorkee ( start up ) and Vadethic Innovation Private Limited.


December 2013
“Have you seen a girl with a love locket?” a voice keeps echoing in Mayank’s mind. Numerous people had gone missing during the Kedarnath flash floods and Bhoomi was one of them. “This is her photograph. She wore a pendant; ‘a love locket’ to be more precise.” He remembered how Bhoomi used to play with the chain between her lips as she simultaneously talked. Mayank had always found that act very cute. But now, she was missing, and so was her energy, spirit and joie de vivre. There were already thousands of missing people, and the helpline numbers were ringing off the hook.

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