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Jamlo Walks


Longlisted | Book Awards 2022 | Children's Literature

Jamlo Walks

Author: Samina Mishra
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Award Category: Children's Literature
About the Book: 

A hard-hitting book on what the lockdown did to the people of India, particularly its young citizens

· Discusses the importance of recognizing injustice and inequality in our day to day interactions
· For ages 7 and up, the book shows the impact the 2020 lockdown had on Indian, particularly migrant labourers and children
· Powerfully illustrated and sensitively told to create an important tool for parents and educators to help young readers question how we treat each other

It is day 7 of the lockdown and everyone says the skies are blue again.
Jamlo walks. She looks straight at the road ahead. It is long.

The world has stood still. The streets lie empty and schools are closed. All work has dried up and people keep whispering the word ‘corona’ all the time. Jamlo walks down a long and hot road, alongside hundreds of other men and women and children whom Tara sees on TV. Jamlo walks as Rahul watches the streets turn quiet.

Jamlo walks and walks in a world that needs to be kind and just and equal. A world where all lives are seen as important.

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