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Have You Met the Anglo-Indians?


 | Book Awards 2022 | Writings/ Picture Books for Children

Have You Met the Anglo-Indians?

Author: Anastasia Damani
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Award Category: Writings/ Picture Books for Children
About the Book: 

Did you know that after the British left India in 1947, many British families decided to stay back and make India their new home? They came to be known as Anglo-Indians because their families were of both British and Indian descent.

The Lovedales are one such family. Meet Aunty Joyce and Uncle Charlie; their two wonderful children, Rosie and Leslie; and a third child who’s rather fluffy, Penny-the-Pom, a Pomeranian.

Come, discover Anglo-Indian food, festivals and lingo with the Lovedale family! Learn to cook yummy treats, decorate your Christmas tree with DIY ornaments and plan an Easter egg hunt. Also find out about iconic Anglo-Indians such as
Ruskin Bond and Derek O’Brien.

So let’s get started, men!

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