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Gold Diggers: A Novel


 | Book Awards 2022 | English Fiction

Gold Diggers: A Novel

Full Title: Gold Diggers: A Novel

Author: Sanjena Sathian
Publisher: Harper Collins India

Award Category: English Fiction
About the Book: 

A profoundly intelligent and bitingly funny exploration of identity and coming of age, Sanjena Sathian's debut novel Gold Diggers marks the arrival of a major talent.

A floundering teenager growing up in Atlanta's suburbs, Neil Narayan doesn't have the same drive as everyone around him. His immigrant parents' expectations for him are high, and he tries to want their version of success, but mostly, Neil just wants his neighbour Anita Dayal.

But Anita has a secret: she and her mother, Anjali, have been brewing an ancient alchemical potion from stolen gold that transfers the ambition of the jewellery's original owner to the drinker. Anita needs just a little boost to get into Harvard, but when Neil - who needs a whole lot more - joins in the plot, events spiral into a tragedy that rips their community apart.

Spanning two continents, two coasts, and four epochs, Gold Diggers expertly balances social satire and magical realism, asking what a community must do to achieve the American dream.

About the Author: 

Sanjena Sathian was raised in the US by Indian immigrant parents. She's a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop and the Clarion Writers' Workshop, and has also worked as a journalist based in San Francisco and in Mumbai. Her award-winning short fiction appears in Conjunctions, Boulevard, Joyland, Salt Hill and The Master's Review. She's written nonfiction for The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Food and Wine and more. She has taught creative writing to high school, college and graduate students in Iowa, Alaska and New Zealand, and she recently founded the Bombay Writers' Workshop.

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