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Dusklight at Noon


 | Book Awards 2022 | Translated into English

Dusklight at Noon (Badal Raag)

Dusklight at Noon, the English translation of Damodar Khadse's award-winning Hindi novel Badal Raag, published in 2017 by Bhartiya Jnanpith, Delhi, is a compelling story, tearing apart the shackles of tradition and male dominance, leading to the protagonist breaking free of the corporate glass ceiling, discovering herself, her inherent potentials and her desires. It is the tale of two individuals, forlorn in their own spheres of life, facing existential dilemmas, bonding with each other while trying to shove away the gathering dust and decay in the daily grind of life and living. They find each other alluring, irresistible and indispensable. Walking down the path of human follies and foibles, of desires and cravings --- the trappings and loopholes which often make the strongest and the worthiest buckle --- this singular companionship blooms into a rare partnership.

Full Title: Dusklight at Noon

Author: Dr Damodar Khadse
Publisher: Authorspress
Translator: Sewak Nayyar
Original Language: Hindi

Award Category: Translated into English
About the Book: 

Dusklight at Noon, the English translation of Damodar Khadse's award-winning Hindi novel Badal Raag, published in 2017 by Bhartiya Jnanpith, Delhi, is a story of love, longings and self-assessment: a celebration of a woman's dreams, desires, and intellectual faculties. It's an enticing journey leading to the beautiful protagonist Sunidhi's social and financial empowerment and her sexual liberation, culminating into that priceless moment of her self-realization.
The English translation is crisp and taut. The art of story-telling creates an aura of mystery and thrill around everyday affairs, builds a foaming sea of intense love and passion, holds the reader in rapt attention and magically balances the sweeping tides of windy romance and the mundane moorings which anchor life.
The novel in Hindi has recently been awarded the Goenka Literary Award, 2021.

About the Author: 

Damodar Khadse : Born in 1948, Khadse is a popular and prolific Hindi writer. With a doctorate on the 'treatment of love in Hindi novels', he taught for a short while before joining a nationalized bank to retire as Assistant General Manager. Khadse has written four novels, eight collections of short stories, nine poetry books, twenty translations, many travelogues and dozens of treatises on criticism and languages. He has been honored by the literary academies of almost all states in the country. He is the recipient of Sahitya Academy Award and has also been honored twice by the President of India. Many of his works have been translated into several Indian languages and are prescribed as course material in various universities.

Sewak Nayyar : Born in 1948, Nayyar is a celebrated poet, a storyteller, a dramatist, a film-maker and a social worker. After a brief stint as a Lecturer in English, Nayyar joined the Government of India in an allied service of the IAS. His Urdu gazals, Hindi short stories and middles in English have been all time favorite of the readers of leading magazines and national dailies. His translations of thirty eminent one-act plays of the world have been widely published and staged by institutions such as the National School of Drama. His own theatre group has performed over 300 shows of popular plays to raise funds for various welfare activities.

Nayyar is the recipient of Maharashtra State Hindi Sahitya Academy Award - 2019 and has recently been honored with the Son Inder Samman, Pune - 2021.


In the evening they went to the sea shore. The sun was making waves at the other end of the sea. Sunidhi spread her arms wide open and suddenly they froze where they were. She had seen a huge tree lying uprooted by the tsunami. What surprised her was the fact that it had not dried up! Its roots had found fresh ground and discovered their lungs in the soil. She looked at it intently and contemplated how adversities disturbed our life many a times and moved on, leaving us crestfallen and helpless. But this tree had a different story to tell. It had endured adversity and successfully come out of it with a sense of romance. She leaned over the tree and caressed its newly sprung leaves with her beautiful nimble fingers. Immediately, a gust of wind blew from nowhere and made the leaves rustle and clash with each other as if to applaud the joy of Sunidhi's touch.

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