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Dungeon Tales II

 | Book Awards 2022 | Writings/ Picture Books for Children

Dungeon Tales II

Full Title: The Badmash Badshah Presents: Dungeon Tales II

Author: Venita Coelho
Publisher: Scholastic India

Award Category: Writings/ Picture Books for Children
About the Book: 

In a faraway village in India, girls are forbidden to read. But when Munni finds an old and dusty book in Mamaji’s shop, she can’t help opening it. She teaches herself to read and discovers a world of amazing stories—tall tales and short ones, outrageous and courageous ones, happy ones and snappy ones. Hidden in the pages are:

- An elephant called Mausiji who can’t resist jalebis and will go to extreme lengths to get them.
- A professional assassin called the Terminator—who is skinny, timid and faints at the sight of blood.
- The legendary were tiger, Bagh Bangali, whose smile hides a terrifying secret.
- A churail and a vetal who end up in an argument that involves a moustache.

Written at the command of His Huge Horribleness, the Badmash Badshah, the stories help Munni to stand up for herself. She and her friends have an adventure all of their own which ends, like all good stories should—happily ever after!

About the Author: 

Venita Coelho is a writer and director who works across several media. She writes books, film and
television and also works in canvas and glass as an artist. She has been honoured by the Sahitya
Akademi with the 2020 Bal Puraskar award for her book Dead as a Dodo. Among the other
awards she has won are the Neev Book award, The Hindu Young World-GoodBooks award 2016
and 2019, and the Peek a Book award. Dungeon Tales I was her first published book and she is
very happy to finally return to the world of the Badmash Badshah again.


Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a village where nobody read.
Which is not to say that they didn’t have books. They had plenty of them. You could
buy them at the one shop that served the entire village. And they sold very well too, mostly by
kilo weight. Books were used to prop up tables with wobbly legs, to mend holes in the roof, as
doorstops and paper weights and goat fodder. As stools and bricks and table mats and fans
and dusters. The books with soft pages went at a premium for use in the toilet. In short, the books
were used for every single thing the human mind could dream up—except for reading.

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