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Be YOU-nique: Find Your X-Factor

Longlisted | Book Awards 2022 | Children's Literature

Be YOU-nique: Find Your X-Factor

Full Title: Be YOU-nique: Find Your X-Factor

Author: Andy Cope, Sanjeevan Sandhu, Tanya Bakshi
Publisher: Scholastic India

Award Category: Children's Literature
About the Book: 

Environment, technology, population growth, social, globalization, grades, pandemics … the world’s moved on and so must our thinking.
Be YOU-nique brings to you eighteen ‘rules for life’. Rules for modern life, to be precise. Re-imagined, re-engineered and re-thought, the rules vary from obvious to simple and all the way through to counter-intuitive and downright challenging.
So clear that muddle from between your ears, quieten the shouty inner voice, dare to leave some things unticked on your to-do list, stop trying to be perfect and start to be amazing.
Above all—‘memento mori’—remember death. Life is short so no more messing around. No more wasting time. It’s time to focus on what’s most important and to strive towards your true potential.
Game face on.
Let’s do it.

About the Author: 

Described by his mother as ‘not even the best writer in this family’, Andy Cope has somehow managed to become a
best-selling author. Andy is the UK’s first ever Doctor of Happiness and when he’s not writing books, he’s a man on a
mission—to change the world one person at a time.
Twitter: @beingbrilliant
Instagram: DrHappyChappy
YouTube: artofbrilliance
Sanjeevan Sandhu worked amongst the high-flyers of London and Dubai before embracing the world of positive
psychology. He loves it so much that he is following in the footsteps of Dr Andy and aims to become the first ever
Indian Doctor of Happiness.
Social media: @sanjeevssandhu
Tanya Bakshi is a huge medicine, well-being and cookie enthusiast. Her secret for well-being is to go above and
beyond with kindness and do the best she can. You can also connect with her passion project on:
Instagram: @teamyouniverse @tanyabakshii


It’s actually quite comforting to know that even those people who seemingly have their life together
(especially on social media)—well, actually, they don’t. Take a breath, if you’ve got an inner shouty
voice telling you, you’re a bit of an idiot, WOOHOO, you’re perfectly normal!
You can’t turn the shouty inner voice off (it’s built into your
human operating system) but you can learn to turn it down. The question is,
where on earth do you start? Who and where do you turn to for help?

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