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Bangladesh War

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

Bangladesh War

This gripping eyewitness account of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 has been written by a former journalist of The Statesman.

Full Title: Bangladesh War: Report from Ground Zero

Author: Manash Ghosh
Publisher: Niyogi Books

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, also known as the Muktijuddho, was a result of the total alienation of the Bengalis of East Pakistan from the non-Bengalis of the West, setting offa violent political upheaval in the eastern unit of the country, ultimately leading to the formation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This riveting first-hand account of the Liberation War has been written by a former journalist of The Statesman. In fact, the author, then a mere cub reporter, had predicted the coming of the war as early as in January 1971 by writing an article in the Sunday Statesman titled ‘When Brother meets Brother’. When the conflict started, he was one of the very few Indian journalists who covered the epochal event from the very beginning until the final surrender by the Pakistan military in Khulna on
17 December.

About the Author: 

Manash Ghosh graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and joined The Statesman in 1966 as a trainee journalist. His big break came in 1971 when the Bangladesh Liberation War started. He covered it from various battlefields as an embedded journalist at considerable risk to his life. After the war, when Bangladesh became independent, he was posted in Dacca as the paper’s bureau head for three years. He has served in various positions including as chief of the Calcutta news bureau and as resident editor of the Delhi edition. In
2004 he became the founding editor of Dainik Statesman.


The trio talked about the cyclone victims being asked to fend for themselves even though there were dozens of foreign aircraft carrying relief items landing at the Dacca airport every day and unloading their cargo. Surprisingly, they were being stacked at the airport’s cargo shed and godowns in Dacca. Worse, the expensive relief items were being flown to West Pakistan on the plea that ‘Garib, ghatiya’ (poor and sub-standard) Bengalis were not used to them.

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