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An Unkept Promise: What Derailed the Indian Economy


 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

An Unkept Promise: What Derailed the Indian Economy

Full Title: An Unkept Promise: What Derailed the Indian Economy

Author: Prasanna Mohanty
Publisher: Sage Publications

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Indian economy that was already reeling under the shocks of demonetization and GST. The economy wasn’t robust to withstand a fresh shock. Has the ‘Tyrst with Destiny at Midnight’ soured?

An Unkept Promise: What Derailed the Indian Economy looks at some of the pre-pandemic economic decisions and the string of reforms implemented during the pandemic crisis such as new farm laws, new labour codes, decisions to privatize profitable public sector units and de-nationalize banks, and the proposed move to allow corporations to run banks. With hard evidence and data, the book tries to diagnose what has gone wrong and why? It also examines the role of key democratic institutions of checks and balances in policymaking such as Parliament, Niti Aayog, Supreme Court, media and citizenry. As cronyism grows and stock market booms, millions have lost their jobs and incomes, the book warns against neo-liberal economic thinking and suggests corrective measures to get the economy back on track.

About the Author: 

Prasanna Mohanty is a journalist and researcher with three decades of professional experience. Most recently, he was working as Editor, Policy, with India Today Group until June 2021. He writes on public policy, politics and governance. His area of work includes economics, social, socio-economic development, law and justice and environmental governance. His articles have been carried in the group’s various platforms, India Today, Business Today, DailyO and Aaajtak.

Prior to this he worked with Delhi-based think tank Thought Arbitrage Research Institute (2014-2018) as Principal Consultant where his work involved macroeconomics, corporate governance and sustainability.

Earlier he was Deputy Editor with Governance Now (2009-2013), a specialized fortnightly magazine on public policies and governance, in which wrote on public policies covering a wide range of area, including national security, tribal rights, rural development and environmental governance. He has worked with several national dailies and digital platform before that: The Statesman (1991-2000), Deccan Herald (2000-2001), TheNewsPaperToday of India Today Group (2002-03), Delhi Mid-Day (2003-05), IBN7 (2005-09) and News9 (2009). He was awarded for excellence in human development reporting in 1999.

He is a contributing author of “Handbook for Independent Directors” (LexisNexis, 2015, 2016), research contributor to “CSR in India: Steering Business Towards Social Change” (LexisNexis, 2017) and co-authored a chapter in OUP’s “Corporate Governance in India: Change and Continuity” (2016).

His articles have been published in several international publications like India Climate Dialogue, Village Square and Asia Times. His opinion pieces have been published in national media platforms like The Hindu Businessline, First Post, Financial Express, Mint, The Wire and others.

Prasanna did his B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry and has master’s degree in Journalism.

He is an avid photographer and wildlife enthusiast. Lately, he has taken into birding and bird photography. He likes to travel, meet people and learn their lifestyle.

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