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A Book Inside You?

 | Book Awards 2022 | English Non-fiction

A Book Inside You?

Writing helps you communicate with everyone through unique tales. Author, entrepreneur and businessman Danish Sayanee has created a precise guide to help you enhance your expertise in penmanship. The regulations bestowed in 'A Book Inside You' aid in improving writing and publishing skills. The provided space after each chapter is for you to state your ideas. From students to teachers to budding and established authors, this remarkable edition guides everyone thoroughly. 'A Book Inside You' is indeed the perfect, thorough and comprehensive guide that motivates writers to shine in their field of authorship.

Full Title: A Book Inside You? - Create & Learn to Write Effectively

Author: Danish Sayanee
Publisher: StoryMirror Infotech Pvt Ltd

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Writing is one of the most powerful forms of communication, using a range from personal exercises in catharsis to posterity and record keeping, recreation, and, of course, for publication and profit. For many, writing satisfies several of these needs.

No matter your reason for writing, doing it efficiently and effectively accomplishes your goals. Though there is no “right” way to write, there are strategies that can help transmit your thoughts concisely and clearly. There are also best practices that can make the most of your work.

This book explores some of those strategies that aid you to become a more potent communicator, providing advice, tips, and examples of what constitutes good writing and good writing habits. It could facilitate you to become a national bestseller!

About the Author: 

Danish is a businessman from Dubai, where he works in Education, Marketing, and Technology.

In his leisure time, he writes and plays the piano. Before Dubai, though Danish had fought tough times, at 18, he published his first book on Amazon, ‘Play for Life’. During his younger years, while he was in Pakistan, he struggled financially and had to work two jobs to finance his education. His books- "Daniel Sawyer: Dilemma" and "French: A Story in Verse," was well appreciated by the community. Being the founder of ‘Institute of Excellence in Learning and Teaching,’ Danish left a mark on Pakistan's Teacher and Education development sector. In Dubai, he focuses on EduTech and Literature. Danish’s fascination for Shakespeare and his writings, leaves his listeners enthralled and captivated.


"There is an endless source of inspiration around us; the challenge is identifying and leveraging that inspiration so as to make great stories out of it."- elucidates Danish Sayanee's 'A Book Inside You'.

The author believes that anyone can write fascinating stories if he/she follows this book's steps and regulations. This precise writing guide is inspirational for scribes of all ages. In the author's words, "The important thing is to keep pushing yourself, and exploring your boundaries."

Thus, it's a wholesome and combined guidebook to motivate writers to shine in the field of authorship. Not only book writing motivation, this is a complete guidebook for showing you the path of publishing, marketing and growing your anticipations into ideas and executions.

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