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30+ Everything

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-Fiction

30+ Everything

Full Title: Tales of a woman in her thirties...

Author: Dr Mridula AM
Publisher: Notion Press

Award Category: English Non-Fiction

About the Book: 

30 + everything is a collection of funny anecdotes from the author's own life as she cruises past the age of thirty. She brings out the challenges or the change in priorities that occurs with ageing using simple everyday instances and narrates it in a whimsical way, making it easy for everyone to relate to. Thoughts that run through any contemporary working woman’s mind, as she juggles between the various roles that she is expected to play, forms the heart of this book. Should women always be perfect ? How would the life of an ordinary, imperfect and impatient woman in thirties be? The book, in a very light hearted manner, reflects the plight of all those normal women out there who are expected to be super- humans but sadly can’t or won’t. It celebrates the unpretentious life of a woman in this amazing phase of life, the thirty plus something....

About the Author: 

The author, needless to say, is a thirty plus aged, inquisitive and enthusiastic human being. She is a Paediatrician by profession and a compulsive travel blogger by passion . When not travelling or treating children, she is seen shopping or watching amazon prime video, like all mortals of her age. She lives in Bangalore with her husband Dr.Basvaraj Kuntoji and their only daughter Nidhi, both of whom are the prime characters in all her stories and also the main victims of all her antics.

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