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बिस्मिल्लाह ख़ान

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English to Hindi

बिस्मिल्लाह ख़ान

Author: Juhi Sinha
Publisher: Niyogi Books

Award Category: English to Hindi

About the Book: 

"Bismillah Khan - The master of Benaras is a book which readers do not only have the heart and family of one of India's greatest artists but also their thoughts and aunt. It speaks from small towns like Dumraon to Benaras and then to the world. Until this book from the childhood of Bismillah Khan's childhood till it was grown, from the teacher to the master, the disciple to becoming a veteran, or in the beginning of the day, for a program, five rupees from one rupee to every offer for five rupees, his whole story Tells.

Bismillah Khan's life revolves around the streets, streets and squares of Benares, its ghats, temples, mountains and palaces, which makes it an era that has passed along with them. The author has freshened its churning and style in the twentieth century Benaras. This book was discussed with Rais Rajas, Ganesan and many artists. For the extraordinary talent of Bismillah Khan, the colorful sculpture of Banarasi society was seen as a perfect backdrop. This book tells Bismillah Khan's whimsical mood and weaknesses with the same beauty - the charmer of the Mausiacian can never hide the stature of his artist, his darling and charisma.

About the Author: 

uhi Sinha is a filmmaker and author. She runs her own production house and has written, produced and directed programs that have been telecast on both Doordarshan and satellite channels and has been screened at film festivals in India and abroad. Apart from writing articles for leading newspapers and magazines in India, She has written for children, (Scholastic India) as well as many short stories for general readership, which has won international acclaim. Her last book "Beyond the Dunes - Journeys in Rajasthan" was published by Penguin India in 2007.

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