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An Author’s Word: Vibha Batra

1. If not an author which other creative field would one find you in and why?

Stand-up comedy, for sure. Have enough personal (and otherwise) material to last a lifetime.


2. What does the written word mean to you?

Will attempt answering this in verse:

‘Gehrati jaaye raat

Dhakta jaaye suroor

Subah der lagaye

Toh ban khud ka noor

Hain sirf jazbaat

Wo hi kaafi hain

Rooh roshan karne ko

Shabd ke diye kaafi hain’


3.Your personal favourite five authors in any genre.

 Am including poets as well, hope that’s allowed? Ruskin Bond, Sukumar Ray, Vishnu Kant Shastri, Ogden Nash, Rumi, Mirza Ghalib…sorry, that’s more than five.


 4. What is your favourite word, in any language, and how would you describe its meaning?

 Here’s one of them: ‘Samatvam.’ It means so many things: equanimity and balance and equality and indifference, all at once.


5. E-Book or physical book? What do you prefer and why?

As an author, physical book and e-book. As a reader, e-book and physical book.