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An Author’s Word: Rohan Chakravarty

1. If not an author which other creative field would one find you in and why?

I don’t consider myself an author; it is too pompous a tag! I’m very happy just being called a cartoonist. If I weren’t a cartoonist, I’d have been a singer today.


2. What does the written word mean to you?

A word written is a word felt; and a word understood is a word absorbed!


3. Your personal favourite five authors in any genre.

  • Edward Hamilton Aitkien (natural history)
  • Woody Allen (comedy)
  • Alex Von Tunzelmann (history)
  • Mario Puzo (The Mob has its own genre, I believe, thanks to this man!) and
  • Tim Flannery (science). I haven’t included cartoonists here because that should be a separate list.


4. What is your favourite word, in any language, and how would you describe its meaning?

‘Petrichor:’ Hands down!


5. E-Book or physical book? What do you prefer and why?

From my previous answer you may guess that olfaction is a very prominent sense in my system. Therefore, books over e-books any day!