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An Author’s Word: Ranjita Biswas

If not an author which other creative field would one find you in and why?

Museum curator or a musician. I love visiting museums which gives me an opportunity to savour  and admire human creativity in a multitude of  expressions. As for music, I used to learn vocal music. Though not learning it formally any more, music in its many avatars- classical, both Indian and Western, instrumental and vocal, songs old and new, are always around me while I am writing or busy with household chores.

On second thought, perhaps a chef too. Cooking can be very creative and therapeutic. I enjoy it.


What does the written word mean to you?

Since my childhood the written word has always fascinated me. For me the written word is a door through which one enters a world beyond- to newer thoughts, ideas, and a domain that can take you way from the mundane.


Your personal favourite five authors in any genre.

  • Arupa Patangia Kalita, Assamese, fiction
  • Amitav Ghosh, English, fiction
  • Agatha Christie
  • Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Bengali, especially her travelogues
  • Ernest Hemingway, English, fiction


What is your favourite word, in any language, and how would you describe its meaning?

‘LOVE.’ Love has many other manifestations beyond the romantic association. Tenderness, fondness, caring in a platonic way, adoration, admiration, etc., that express different nuances  of feelings,  but at the core is the heart, or mind if you will, which makes us human as a species. The great novels of the world would not have been great without the element of love embedded in them.


E-Book or physical book? What do you prefer and why?

Physical book-any day. To hold it in my hand before retiring to bed, to go back again and again, whenever the mood takes over, to chapters that ensnared me with their intensity, to touch and admire the book covers with their beautiful designs. And, not to forget, to be able to exchange them with like- minded people and engage in animated discussions afterwards.  Only the  physical presence of a book makes it possible.