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An Author’s Word: Rajeev Sharma

1. If not an author which other creative field would one find you in and why?
If not an author then I would like to be a painter because I love colours…. All colours.


2.What does the written word mean to you?

Words are everything to me even they are not written. They represent our minds and hearts. Written words are a legal documentation of our thought so they too are invaluable


 3.Your personal favourite five authors in any              

  • Vedvyas
  • Goswami Tulsi Das
  • Kalidas
  • Surdas
  • Kabir Das


4. What is your favourite word, in any language, and how would you describe its meaning?

My favourite word is त त्वम असि.’ It is quoted from upanishad. It represents our philosophy of, ‘oneness’ that is अद्वैत.


5. E-Book or physical book? What do you prefer and why?

I prefer physical book because since childhood they have been my best companions. I can touch, hug, smell them.